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Hi, I'm back.

My name is Carolyn, but I use birman, or birman7 on line 'cause Carolyn is so often already used by a Carolyn who got there before me. Birman is actually a kind of cat, (no, not Burmese,that's another kind of cat) of which I have one. So far, no one has used that name before me! 7 is merely the key I hit when adding a # to birman for reasons I no longer remember!

I am a Senior Citizen, with 2 grown daughters and 4 grown grandchildren. We are all on the West Coast of USA.

Retired manager of an In-Home-Services agency that took care of mostly seniors who needed just some help to enable them to remain in their homes.

Glad to be back and determined to be successful on line, but certainly frustrated. Hello to all, I already know this is a great place to be!
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iFaith Premium
Hi Carolyn. I love cats - have 2 - regular housecats. The elderly niche is a varied and buyers rich market - your experience in that field would make it a great niche for you! Take care and chat soon.
webkab Premium
Us senior citizens need to stick together. I'm new to WA and looking to develop a business by Sept 1st. We have the time to do it.

Best of luck to you.

Busy Bee Premium
Hi Carolyn thought I'd just buzz around and ask how are the studies doing

Busy Bee
Busy Bee Premium
Hi Carolyn welcom aboard I have recently signed up my wife and one of my sons - between the three of us who will make the first $ - I have done my first set of tasks - must now start on the second lot to morrow - just had too much accounting work these last two weeks dead line tax matters, I am now so tiered of these constand dead line tax returnes - cant wait to start making real money on line and slow down the pace, and change our life style.
birman7 Premium
I'm behind as well, but we will make it. It must be fun to be working this with your family. My husband has no interest, but doesn't complain about the time I spend on the computer so that's a plus!
Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family