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October 26, 2014
Just a couple weeks ago I blogged about my site going from page one, position #2 behind the leader, Trip Advisor, to page 6 in a short amount of time. It seemed to me that google had lost interest in my site. So I thought my site must have become boring and stale. And I wrote a blog about that. I could not figure out why I had dropped in the rankings so fast. What does google want? Well, I had a good read today on SEO from numerous sources on the net. And Ive come up with one answer as to wha
October 25, 2014
I will only repost this from an article on Enough said.Search Engines It may or may not surprise you to hear that the majority of traffic from the internet is derived from search engines. With that said, search engines should be the first place that you should turn to to promote your online presence. Ensure that search engines know that your site exists by submitting your link directly to them. Once that’s out of the way, the best way to improve your search engine presence is by tak
October 17, 2014
I had to let all WA members that I fell for a scam last week. AUTO MOBILE CODE I received and e-mail from who knows how, and open it and it sounded promising. After listening to all the things in about 8 videos, I was convinced I could make some money with this company. So I paid the $49 fee. Never got anything for my money except upsell after upsell after upsell. We have all been there and I fell for it again. The Bank is giving me a hard time with this one. It was thru CLICKBANK. So I thou
I wanted to write this blog on how certain keywords can and do change over time. Its true that certain keywords you are using hardly ever change in their search results. But here are a few that could be a higher or lower search result just months apart. There are seasonal keywords that are obvious like Christmas. You would get different results in February than in December. Deer hunting in June as opposed to November. In my case Bingo.Wait,that never changes. Always 4,000,000 searches monthly.
October 01, 2014
I had to share the results page of a crawler/spider tool to crawl your website. It was shared to me by kholmes. I have not analyzed the results, but if this is what google finds wrong with my site I need to fix a lot of things. Maybe why I dropped to Page 6. TAKE A LOOK FOR YOURSELF THEN DO YOURS AT:
In the beginning,100 days ago, my ranking as #2 on page 1 of google was a great feeling. My niche was a review of our small town restaurants called PAHRUMP,NEVADA RESTAURANT REVIEWS. I only had 3 fast food reviews on there and I am ranked #2. Wow I thought. Now, 3 months later, after writing 17 more reviews, I am on page 6. Who is going to find me there? So my question is "What do the google spider crawlers want? How do I fix it? Any suggestion would be helpful. Thanks in advance. bingopau
September 30, 2014
I was reading a blog from a top WA member and he said he did not mind dropping down in the rankings. He stated that being high ranked was a real chore to keep up with the personal request from people. It has been stated that Kyle gets 3000 e-mails per ??? And since he cannot possibly get to most of them, people automatically turn to the next highest ranking for answers. Man,the pressure to to answer those requests must be awful stressful.Hell at my level(77) I get 100-150 email notifications pe
September 29, 2014
Sorry Grandma no Bingo today! WHO’S GRANDMA IS THIS. PLEASE COME AND GET HER AT bingopauls or another caption: Is Paul in there again. He knows he must work on his websites.
I have to admit that this has been a real challenge to run a online business going from place to place and using their free wi-fi connection. In the very beginning I was told by a couple of top producers here a WA, that they did not think that it could be done. Well going into my fourth month at WA I am still on the computer 8-10-15hrs per day, when I don't have computer problems or network connection problems. After all I'm saving $60 a month. So the answer is yes, but not something I wou
September 21, 2014
I'm no expert in this field of websites,ranking on google and content, but I feel that the reason my websites are losing ground on google search result pages is because it is basically becoming stale information. In the beginning, I had no problem getting on page one in the subject niches I was promoting. Although I saw no financial gain from these results, it was gratifying to see the results of my efforts. But now as I drop in the google rankings, I think I see why, when I look at the analyt