Internet Marketing Part 2

Last Update: December 23, 2014

The Power of Pay Per Click Advertising

The reason that the founders of Google are billionaires is because search engine advertising works - and when it is done well, it works phenomenally.

The beauty of pay per click search engine advertising is that it's perfect for virtually any business. If you want to grow your business you Must at least test pay per click on a small scale.... you can normally do a perfectly good test for 50 or 100 or 200 Pounds/Dollars.

What is PPC?

First, let's get clear on what pay per click advertising is. It's basically paying to go near the top of the search engines.Technically, it's advertising, because you're writing a small ad. but I always think of it as writing a listing to go on the search engines, and we're paying to be near or at the top of the listings that people see when they do searches for phrases related to your business.

But here's where it gets interesting.Although it's usually described as 'paying to be at the top of the search engines', you don't actually pay for being on the search engines. Being there doesn't cost you anything. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad and goes to your website. Hence the phrase 'pay per click'.

This is the first vital difference that makes pay per click a revolution in Marketing. Unlike most advertising, where you're paying for people to see your ad, in the vague hope they might follow through and contact you - now you're only paying for results.

Imagine being able to advertise in your local newspaper but not pay anything to have the ad appear in the paper. Instead, you just agree with the newspaper that you'll pay them perhaps50p/50c every time someone who sees the ad telephones you.

Of course, you know that not everyone who phones will become a customer but you do know that if 1 in 5 becomes a customer you've made a great profit.

Imagine if all advertising worked like that. What would happen? Well first of all the newspapers that didn't produce results would all close down and stop bothering us.

But the ones that worked would flourish..... you would advertise with them forever wouldn't you?

You would be able to measure all of your advertising and everyone would be happy.

This is exactly what we have got with pay per click. You're only paying for each person who clicks on the ad and visits your site. As we'll see later, this makes testing your marketing far easier than it normally is - and that's where the part of the power of pay per click lies.

How it works

So here's how it works. When yo start your pay per click campaign, you select what are called 'keywords' that you want to target. The keywords are the words people use when searching for something on a search engine. Suppose I'm looking for a book on vacations in Rome...I'II go onto Google and type in the words 'Rome Vacation'.....those words 'Rome Vacation' are my keywords....if you owned a hotel in Rome and where doing pay per click, you would want to bid on the keywords' Rome Vacation'

You would pick a whole load of other keywords and phrases too...Like Rome Hotel, Rome Holiday, Rome Cheap Hotel, Rome Luxury Hotel etc. You're basically asking yourself this question....'What would the people who buy my product or service be looking for on the search engines. What are the keywords they'll be typing in?

If you're our Rome Hotel owner you'd write a little ad and then anybody in the countries you selected who searches for their hotel using your phrases, would have your ad come up with their listings.

Now think about that example for a minute because it shows us again why pay per click is so powerful. What other forms of Marketing in the world is there that lets you reach people who right now are thinking about hotels in Rome and are actively looking with an interest in spending money?

There is no other way of doing it. Until pay per click we had to rely on a scatter gun approach. We'd put ads out there in travel magazines, or we'd do direct mail to people with an interest in Italian travel with the hope that a small percentage would follow through - but pay per click allows us to target people with a laser like focus.

And it's the same for you, whatever type of business you're in. What this means for your business is that you have a very effective way of reaching people who right now could be looking for precisely what you are offering.

(Parts 2,3 (4) to follow on Internet Marketing.

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Great topic. I will use the tip to drive my Wealthy Affiliate ppc campaign.

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Great stuff, man.
Liked the first part, the second part was phenomenal as well.
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