Why i went premium and why you should go premium today ! ! !

Last Update: May 11, 2015

I paid the yearly Premium Memberhip up front on March 31st, 2015 and here's what the cost breakdown looked like for me (I live in Maple Ridge, CANADA).

Cost of Premium Membership for the year is a $359 one time payment..... after taxes my credit card was charged $376.95 US..... and after currency exchange that works out to $488.79 CDN and that is what shows on my credit card statement.

Compare this to the monthly Premium Membership rate of $47 which after exchange would work out to a yearly cost of $714.59..... that's a 45.5% increase in total membership cost compared to paying up-front. I'm all about "cost-savings" so this one easy action is really a no-brainer ! !

Breaking this down further..... my monthly cost works out to $40.73..... my weekly cost is $9.40..... and my daily cost is $1.34 ! ! ! That works out to less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day..... not a bad investment for setting myself up for long term online success :)

My story is that I first took a look at the Wealthy Affiliate Program last June 2014 and joined the free month and then took advantage of the $19 Promo for the first PREMIUM MONTH..... and then went month to month after that. Unfortunately I didn't COMMIT to truly working this "online business" and several months later, I quit.

Fast forward to March 30th, 2015..... and a friend of mine asked my opinion about another online opportunity that he just started using to help "market and generate leads" for his Network Marketing Business..... and he wanted to know if i'd heard of it. Of course I hadn't, and instead told him about Wealthy Affiliate and if he'd heard of it (I had always remembered that WA was an opportunity that I definitely thought had lots of potential, I just chose not to do anything with it). He said "no"..... and so, not wanting to lose a potential referral sale I promptly upgraded my previous membership to PREMIUM and sent him my affiliate link and told him to take a look.

I used my "tax refund" money to pay for the membership for the year and am very glad I did. I think "something" switches in your mind when you make the long term COMMITMENT of paying for the year all up front. I know for me, it has really made me focus on doing the daily actions as consistently as I can when I know that i've paid and invested almost $500 in my online business venture.

I strongly urge each and every one of you that is "on-the-fence" of whether you should go PREMIUM or NOT..... take the leap of faith and START BUILDING YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS TODAY ! ! !

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