My Second Quarter Update

Last Update: October 05, 2015

My WA journey started on April 4, 2015 and I have just passed the 6 month mark on October 4th..... here again is what I stated were my goals for the the rest of this year: "My online business goal for 2015 is to help add 324 people into the WA Community. My fitness goal this year is to complete my 2nd TOUGH MUDDER in Whistler, BC as well as to reach my goal weight of 167lbs by December 31, 2015. Lastly my personal/family goal this year is to take my family to Maui, Hawaii over the Christmas holidays this year for a nice relaxing vacation ! ! !"

Here is the 2nd quarter update for each one:

Online Business Goal to help 324 people into the WA Community - I have helped 0 people get into the WA.

Fitness Goal #1 to complete my 2nd Tough Mudder..... DONE on June 20th - here is my youtube video -

Fitness Goal #2 is to be 167lbs by December 31, 2015 - I was 223lbs on April 4th and am now 210 lbs on October 4th so that is 13 lbs down (ie. 5.33lbs a month).... unfortunately I actually gained 3 pounds from the last quarter (I was 207 after 3 months) and so now I have another 43 lbs to reach my goal..... which works out to 14.33 lbs a month.

Family Goal is to save money to take a family vacation this christmas to Maui - cost will be approximately $7000..... I have $650 saved so far..... which means i'll need to save $2116 a month until the end of the year.


Online Business Goal - OFF TRACK..... i will need to re-focus and my goal for the next quarter is to help 5 people get into WA and complete my Affiliate Bootcamp PHASE 4 by October 4th.

Fitness Goal #1 - COMPLETED

Fitness Goal #2 - OFF TRACK..... with a few BIG adjustments my goal weight of 167 lbs by January 4th, 2016 is still within reach, just will need to REALLY FOCUS..... which means I will be losing an average of 3.6 lbs a week (or 14.33 lbs amonth)..... do-able, just no "margin-of-error".

Family Goal - OFF TRACK..... I will require a significant increase in my monthly savings this last quarter and by January 4th, 2016 I will have $7000 in savings for our family vacation to Maui.

This past quarter I have been focussing on working my self-development and have read a book called "What To Say When You Talk To Yourself" by Dr. Shad Helmstetter. It is a great book and I highly recommend it..... interesting story is that this particular e-book has been sitting on my hard drive for over four years now and I just recently set a "mini-goal" for myself that I wanted to read 1 book a week until the end of this year (i've read 3 other books..... "The Compound Effect" by Darren Hardy, "What It Takes To Be #1 - Vince Lombardi on Leadership" by Vince Lombardi Jr., and "Start With Why - How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action" by Simon Sinek)..... and this book by Dr. Shad Helmstetter was one I always wanted to read.

I'm now reading another great self-help book called "The Magic Of Thinking Big" by Dr. David Schwartz. Looking forward to finishing the year strong and getting back ON TRACK with both my online business goal & family goal!!!

Hope everyone enjoyed their summer..... let's all finish the year strong..... And See You All At The Top ! ! !


West Coast Joe

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AlexEvans Premium
Hi Joe like your style , great to write down our goals . Definitely looking to finish the year on a strong note . Best wishes for your success .
bigheadjoe Premium
Thanks Alexander..... and yes, absolutely finish your year on a strong note..... and all the best to your success as well!!!
stevechic Premium
Look forward to meeting you there
bigheadjoe Premium
Yes Indeed :)