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Joined March 2011
I have successfully run a service business for the last 9 years.
My dream is to be able to travel the world & make a living online from anywhere i choose to stay for awhile.
Every year i focus on a personal goal. Thisn year i am i am trying to achieve a buddist principle of not causing anyone any pain or hurt.
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Big Sean Premium
progress report: I been studying with WA for 4 mths now. I think its getting clearer all the time. I love the webinars & follow a lot of forums & find it eventually clears up kany confusions. Ive been building 3 websites. Ive changed them a few times based on new data i read. I think i will have 2 up this week. I think to put value on a website takes a lot of thought. Neat thing is you keep adding to it.
well ready to launch so wish me luck & hard thoughtful work could pay off.
Big Sean Premium
So you r on your way...
idm Premium
Hello Sean, thanks for adding me!
Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family
Big Sean Premium
Just starting this course. Day 1 -> here goes..........