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Last Update: April 04, 2016

Ok what would you do?

I picked a niche: woodworking

Not for any particularly good reason other than I found an offer on an affiliate network that looked pretty well thought out and has a Very high Gravity and nice returns. So I grabbed a decent site name found a few other tools and shop related affiliate opps and set about my merry way wordpressing along.

Well, while wordcrafting some post content I stumbled across some web forums, blogs and threads from woodworkers and craftsmen... They were warning folks and bashing on exactly the affiliate offer I was most psyched about. Turns out most of the woodworking plans they sell are public domain or worse stolen from legitamate crafts folk trying to eek out some extra cash selling plans to their projects. All the physical addresses associated with the "woodworking" company are bogus and many folks are getting returns straight from paypal citing Product Delivered Not As Described, etc.

So this raises a number of obvious and thorny questions. I don't want to be negative, but it is pretty sobering. I'm not going to start throwing stones, but I'm interested what your thoughts are on how to take the high road here? Very dissapointed to see this type of creepy, spammy, immature, illegal activity being propogated, supported and promoted by "industry leading" affiliates and networks.

I find the community here at WA a very positive place and above blackhattery etc. but I must admit I'm a little bummed I can't ethically promote that offer. :-)

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JudeP Premium
Chalk it up to experience and move on my friend.
AnthonyMLM Premium
First of all you have to be honest with your reviews, Your website in this niche is to exposed these blogs or website for what they really are..and thats Money..To be honest only I write scramming product based on my own experience of purchasing the product or joining a program.
Overall I think this is a pretty good niche..but there is a lot work in being a whistle blower.
RKingsley Premium
Just move on immediately. There must be other woodworking / carpentry / craft type affiliate programs!

It's a bummer, but you don't have to lose your hard work - just promote others. In fact, you can even use this as a great "negative" post, to actually refer their unhappy customers over to an ethical affiliate product!
biffpixel Premium
Interesting turn of play. thx