Premium at last - now it is time to get serious!

Last Update: November 29, 2015

After signing up over 2 months ago, my (former) boss changed my work schedule and I had no time to dedicate to my WA training. I was unhappy with the new working hours (and the boss), so I decided to quit my job in early November and now I have plenty of time to learn about affiliate marketing and WA.

I finished the first affiliate bootcamp course last week and realized that if I really want to make money online, I have to spend some money (WA), time and energy... WA seems to be a very good investment. For this reason, today I decided to invest in my future and became a premium member.

And here I am, writing this blog post to remind myself down the road that it takes time and dedication to make it happen, but I believe it will be worth it :) otherwise I will have to find another 9-to-5 job and that doesn't sound appealing at all...

It would be great if I can get some support and people 'check in" with me and ask about my progress. I found out that having all the time in the world can be counterproductive at times, so I am working on my 'time-management skills'.

Thanks for reading and I am looking forward to being more active in this community


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GreatTimes52 Premium
Welcome to WA Bia. You will do well here!
alpsntacos Premium
First off... I followed you!

Second.. You've got this! Keep pushing through, "get serious", and get your WA training and niche site(s) in pristine condition! I'm doing everything to keep 9-to-5 off my radar too. I realized how worth the investment WA is that I went yearly. I figured if I pay for a year, I am going to work at it a year; there's no boss yelling or complaining, and I can write about what I want. There always seems to be help here if you need it and the training is so detailed! What more do you need?!

You have been here more time that I have, so you probably know this better than I do! :)
bia2k Premium
Thanks :)
yes, I have been here for a couple of months, but just started 'doing it' about 10 days ago... so we are probably on the same page. I agree with you, a year sounds very reasonable to have a business going.. and i am sure i will make some money before the year is up. Good luck with your training :)