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Last Update: March 27, 2020

I am currently about to complete Stage 2 off the training. All the steps have been easy to follow and tp understand, I feel confident in very enthusiastic of what is to come into future.

My niche is in the fluoride free toothpaste sector and will develop further to other natural product categories.

So far I have learned to set up a website with your help and have really enjoyed it. Something I thought I could never do myself. This has given me more confident and impetus to succeed.

In the next few months I will further develop the Site and help others that may need some assistance and hopefully have some sales.

Im aiming to reach a sales target of 10 sales within the next 6 months. I will let you know how I go.

thank you

Bernardo Hernando

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    megawinner Premium
    Congratulations! Keep it up! Welcome to WA Premium. Wishing you the best WA journey! Cheers! 💨🥈🏅🎖🥉😎🔊✔📷👍
    Stanleycmng Premium
    Great niche on natural products. Thanks for sharing your progress. Keep it up!