Laptop out of service - no problem

Last Update: April 11, 2020

Hello everyone

I have been wanting to share this with you for few days now. I haven't been able to use my laptop for a couple of days and did not want to stop my training. Has this happened to you?

So I started using my Samsung S10 android mobile to continue the training, write my articles and blogs, upload photos as well as navigating the WA site. I have used it to book travel, so why not this as well.

What a lifesaver I've been able to access SEO and update articles already published, look at my emails, look up key words in Jaxxy, track the key words and all the other features. I was a bit apprehensive at first of maybe damaging something and It took a little while to wrap my head around the functionality but I'm getting more proficient as every day.

Where there's a will there's away, so don't panic if your desktop or laptop isn't functional. Just use your mobile or maybe your IPad.

Regards to all


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Carson2 Premium
Hey! Great thinking. You kept at it, under adversity. Way to go Bernardo!
BHernando Premium
thank you, Carson.