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Beginning July 2018, mobile page speed will be considered as a ranking factor. If your website loads fast in mobile devices, your site will have a higher position in search engine.Before Google applies this new rule in July, please optimize your site performance in both desktop and mobile. I would recommend the following:Turn on WA SiteSpeed featureUse small or medium file size imagesUse lightweight WordPress themes Use less than 5 pluginsUse less than 10 ads per web pageDelete old comments and
A few days ago, Kyle and Carson introduced SiteSpeed feature. I tested it on my site and it worked great. My site scores 100% on Google PageSpeed in both desktop and mobile. This is so amazing!Desktop ScoreMobile ScoreBefore I used the SiteSpeed, my site scored 87%. I had only one problem in "Eliminating render blocking Javascript and CSS". This is a tricky part, but now it is taken care of. If you're using SiteSpeed and the score is lower than 80%, here are some tips that will improve speed:1.