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I have asked for cpanel information, so that name cheap could give me a hand transferring my fileswealthy affiliate help desk say they don't give this information instead they suggest usi gbackwpup, BUT to restore files using this plugin cost 69quid, what a freaking joke!wpclone was producing fetch error for some reason...
February 21, 2019
An achievement by me in the form of a PayPal payment for 206.50$ due on 1st marchwow, have never achieved this level of success with any affiliate or mlm am a happy bunny, bestbizopp
Yeah, Am Floating to the Top am now in top 200 and earned my accomplishment badge todayAm loving the journey here at wealthy affiliate, cannot wait to see yet more rewards and more progress.Am following the plan, it's harder work than I expected, but that removes the go getters from the non go gettersWhat a lovely surprise........Bless you to all that have helped me to progress thus far by answering my many questions when I have beenstuck in the past not knowing how to move forward, bless you a
I had not expected this level of achievement in such short space of time. Wow I have multiple number one spots on Bing, it is proof that the training absolutely does work at wealthy affiliate and it's just a matter of applying oneself with discipline and actually doing the work as laid down in THE PLAN as I will call it . In other words follow the training, I speak this message to myself and any other interested party because basically my pace is pretty slow! But I know that we can only run our
Hi everybody, please help me to welcome new entrepreneur in training AstridN1 to WAI know you will do great Astrid,😀Ann
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January 11, 2019
I have just earned dedication badge. I did not know there was such a thing, anyway, it is external recognition that i am doing something right, being involved with the community and learning new skills to progress my business forward. Well done me! I am totally committed to the processI can see it working as some of my posts are ranking. It is early days yet but I know and feel it deep down that what we are all doing will bring huge rewards financially if we put in the work required. Cannot wai
January 07, 2019
Wow, I can't believe how much writing has become like therapy for me. Keeping my mind focussed and my end result in sight. I now quite like researching my topic, it is a pleasure and at the same time it is hard to do, coming up with engaging topics, time after time for your customers is a challenge for me. in order to do it well I have to practice patience and perseverance. Currently because the site is new there are few daily visitors. But even this has been a blessing because my first attempt
I have been guilty of wanting to find every short cut there is in the book for achieving my goals and my dreams.WHAT I have learnt is that one needs to follow the well trodden path that other successful people have taken.There basically are no shortcuts I know that now. It has been a hard lesson. A hard lesson when you listen to the hype or are being drawn into the hype by unscrupulous parties that convince you, it can be done overnight. No big thing ever happens over night. Except of course if
December 21, 2018
Since we are in the season of festivities, i thought i would share a favourite treat of mine. My brother instead of myself will be baking it this year though, because between me and you mum wants to be able to boast that her son baked her a cake this year. It has higher resonance than when a daughter bakes it right? I don't put any sugar in mine because the dried fruit has really high sugar content anyway. And I promise you, you won't notice that there is no sugar in it. I started baking it thi
Legitimate work from home opportunities do exist in small numbers but are hard to find. Even harder to find are the great opportunities that once you come across it, you should grab with both hands and never let go. A Legitimate opportunity should offer up some basic criteria. They should be cost effective to join. They should offer value in terms of training and value in terms of the product on offer . But finally the company should be reputable, long standing with many achieving success throu