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If I want to put my Site in another host, no WA, is there any option?
On last Sunday the Football World Final Cup was played. The final teams were Argentina and Germany, which played in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The tournament lasted an entire month, in which, I have to admitt, I was very, very distracted, if as the world and my live stopped for an entire month. Now back to reality, I want to share with you some very short ideas as how to do things in order to succeed in football, WA, live, etcetera. I will compare the host Brazil, the eventual champion, Germany,
I have been doing some research on the competition. Similar, but no equal, online marketing programs on the market. The price always finish in 7, some of them repeat number 7 ($77; $377). WA also is $47 per month. Why is that?
I want to feature in my site the hotels, and lodges that are in or close to the places that I am describing at my posts, I will make a review about it. Does anyone has have the experience of working with hotels so if a client check in on that hotel through my site do I receive a comission?
It has benn 33 days of learning a new world, not that hard, but not easy either. In these 33 days I have built a site:, I will apreciatte your direct, crude, down to bussines opinion. I will read and analyze all your comments, I know the site is under construction, so your comments will help to make it better.
May 06, 2014
There is a time for everything, and right now is the time to build a new path, one in which I can connect with my best abilities, those which have been hiding for so long, and by doing so construct a new future, a new beginning.