Stepping up Article Publishing Rate & Analytics Spike!

Last Update: May 14, 2019

I've been thinking about writing something ever since my new-found blogging frequency during these past 30 days.

So I guess it'll be like a success post if anything. Maybe it might inspire some of you to pick up the pace for faster results. Especially those that are not publishing content frequently enough.

So, the past month between 14th APRIL - 14th MAY I have amped up my publishing rate for my eBusiness.

I noticed the Super Affiliate Challenge (SAC), but since I'm already doing bootcamp, I decided that it would make sense to stick with bootcamp training.

One thing to mention. I have only done SEO for long-term organic traffic as my source of business so far. I skipped out on building a social media presence/following and decided against starting out my own YouTube channel for now.

Not interested in doing these at the moment. And yes, I'm aware that I'd probably be missing out on additional business from neglecting these important areas.

Every second day I have completed an article, That's 16 articles in '30 days'. I've been here for around 8 months and the most I have published in any given month is 5 articles (max) on 2 separate months way back when I started out.

One thing I have noticed over the last 30 days is that my traffic has increased immensely, to me it's a hugely satisfying increase. But I'm sure for others it would be very minor progress for well-established sites.

Also, Wealthy Affiliate referrals are coming in regularly. One day I received 3 referrals which is always a liberating feeling.

Here's a quick glance at some statistics over the past 30 days:


I go from a rough average of 50 clicks to 200 clicks per day. With a spike of 298 as the best day. Of course, I need to take into consideration that some of the recent posts have to marinate a little to find its position within the SERP's.


Not quite 30 days. Between 14th APR - 12th MAY


This graph doesn't do it justice.

15 referrals in total over the last 30 days. Whereas, before this past month of leaps and bounds. I managed only to get 3 referrals during my whole time since being here.

No need to mention any premiums or potentials.

I guess the point of this post is to show any skeptics here that stepping up your game and publishing rate it will likely produce significant results in a reasonably short amount of time.

Any likes. Comments will be appreciated but not required.

Thanks for sussing this out...

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midhunvm Premium
So you think publishing 60 articles in a
month will get you greater results in
6 months compared to publishing 60
articles in 6 months?
Benjamin89 Premium
I think 60 in a month is pretty unrealistic unless its poorly done or your a freak of nature.

I believe that more you can do in a month's time will benefit down the road.

Not really sure to be honest.
midhunvm Premium
I am saying this because I guess each article
we publish has an aging period where it gets
indexed and eventually ranks on page 1 on google.

So if the aging period is 3-6 months then the
articles we published on the first month will be
sitting on page 1 by month 6, while the articles
that are published in the latter months will take
few months more to reach page1.
JeannineC Premium
Google does like that and will respond. Now, can you keep it up?
Makhosonkez Premium
Much appreciated information sharing.
3rdbaseman Premium
Thanks for the insight!