Importance of Goal Setting

Last Update: April 22, 2019

You always hear the importance of setting goals. Wealthy Affiliate gets us to set some financial goals near the beginning of our journeys here.

I've always struggled throughout life setting them and sticking to them. I am working at it to try to build some discipline with my goals setting.

Anyways, I thought I might share some of my business goals I created before the start of the year to adhere by.

I almost got a clean sweep. But regardless, I am glad I tried my best:

January 1st - March 31st (3 months)

1) Publish 10 well-crafted articles on website.

  • FAILED on 31st/MAR/2019
  • 9 quality articles published.

2) Get 300 clicks to website via: Google Search Console over 3 months. Will need to insert custom dates to be exact.

  • COMPLETED on 12th/MAR/2019
  • Total clicks on 31st/MAR/2019 - 800 clicks.

3) Get 1 referral (WA) - sign up. Only catch is, they need to fill in biography and picture.

  • COMPLETED on 30th/JAN/2019
  • EvangelineY actually went Premium on 11th/FEB/2019

4) Rank on the ‘Web of Worth’ calculator.

  • COMPLETED on 12th/MAR/2019
  • Website = $60 | 5 visits / day | Alexa Global rank 19,846,011

5) Rank one article (targeted keyword) on the 1st position of Google SERP's.

  • COMPLETED on 15th/FEB/2019
  • Is Kinghuman Elite a Scam or Legit article is sitting in 1st place in Google SERP’s.

6) Maintain my part-time employment with ISS Facility Services of (25 hrs) per week.

  • COMPLETED on 31st/MAR/2019

I have set another few goals for the next 3 month period that are similar in nature. As I progress throughout my journey here at WA I'm sure these will modify.

It's always good to reflect on some accomplishments that you have achieved if you a looking for some inspiration.

NEVER GIVE UP on your goals list even if you don't quite reach them in time! Be proud if you tried your best.

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