You Don't Know What You Don't Know

Last Update: July 12, 2013

This age old phrase is so very true. Although I consider myself an expert in online lead generation within my industry (Real estate), I still attend every lead generation workshop or training I can get to, and if I do not learn something new, I at least get reminded on some things I previously did that helped me that I don’t do anymore.

Yesterday at such a training event for online lead generation, one of my colleagues told me he cannot understand why I attend these trainings because I am so successful with this. My simple answer was “I don’t know what I don’t know”, maybe I am good at what I do because I am constantly learning.

World champion athletes, although they are the best in the world, train constantly to remain the best. If they don’t, they will not remain champion for long.

It is the same with everything we do, if we don’t “train” (grow and learn) constantly and consistently we will not remain successful in whatever we do, and this is even more true with the ever changing world of affiliate/online marketing. There is no quick success recipe, it is all about consistency, learning and hard work.

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wtbee2013 Premium
I lived by the ocean when I was a kid and there was an older guy that I became friends with. This guy loved to surf. when all the other surfers did not surf because the waves weren't good enough. he would be there. He turned out to the best surfer around and even then he would go no matter what. "Saying I know how to surf in all conditions"

I have always remembered that for all I do.

Your story reminds me again of this friend, thanks for sharing. I will add that to my push forward mantra.

God bless
Kymee ; O)
Shields Premium
And if you love your job, you'll never work a day in your life, or so they say! Of course I agree with you; almost any refresher does refresh because you cannot think of everything at once, so it seems that the last deposited is the first one up. Here's to more leads and more closings!