You Choose to be a Commodity!

Last Update: March 28, 2016

All Real Estate Agents are the Same!

Now that I have your attention, it is true as the general public view real estate agents as a commodity meaning they see all real estate agents as the same. Just look at how agents advertise themselves, every agents is the "Top" or "Honest and Sincere" or any one of the hundreds of cliche's an individual #realestateagent use to brand him/herself.

This belief by clients is understandable because with more than 2 million active agents in the US marketing themselves in the same way, how should a home buyer or home seller know any better.

Real estate agents choose to become a commodity mainly because they do not know better. The average age of real estate agents in the US is 57 years old, and many, many of them still use the old outdated marketing methods they used when they started their businesses 30 years ago, and this dinosaur "knowledge" is passed on to new real estate agents looking for guidance when they first start off, and in most cases this vicious cycle continues.

The reason why around 90% of real estate agents will quit the business within the 1st 5 years is because they do not have enough clients, which means they never gained the knowledge and understanding of effective prospecting for leads in the digital age.

The 2 most critical points to understand how to become effective at lead generation are:

  1. Home buyers and sellers are not looking for real estate agents, they are looking to buy or sell a home. They are trying to avoid real estate agents in this process.
  2. Marketing should not be about how good and fabulous you are as a real estate agent (You are a commodity), it is about the benefit the home buyer or home seller will get working with you. (Just look at most real estate ads, it's all about ME, ME, ME...)

Before spending money on marketing always remember the question a prospective client may ask: "Why should I do business with you rather than any other real estate agent out there."

With any #leadgeneration strategy, 1st answer this question before spending money on any marketing.

Visit and learn more about effective lead generation, Unique Selling Propositions and why lead generation is and always will be the easy part of a business.

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Jozeph Premium
I kind of liked your blog, though you lost me after the first paragraph. It felt more statistical, and in no way personal.

I feel you'd have great success if you wrote more personally, about your experience as a real estate agent. What motivates you, the happiness of your client?

Also, by leaving links and hashtags at the bottom of your post, is going beyond WA rules. You shouldn't advertise here, WA is a platform to learn how to build an online business, not to "hook" people in.
Hope you get my drift