The Power of our Beliefs

Last Update: January 08, 2014

With the Arctic blast over the past few weeks most of the USA were in the grip of extreme weather. I considered myself to be one of the lucky one's who missed this where I stay in SW Florida. ( We still went to the beach)

I mentioned this to one of my friends who stays in Washington DC where it was well below freezing point at the time, and he on the other hand considered himself fortunate to be able to experience the wonders that nature present during such extreme weather.

I again realized that we create our own perceptions and believe systems. No matter where you are and what your circumstances are, you are the one making the conscious decision how you will see and experience this.

I believe that will equally apply to our businesses and if we open our minds to all possibilities, then opportunities will present themselves and we will achieve great successes.

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Trialynn Premium
Great point!
Sherion Premium
Nice post. Thanks for sharing! Although, here in New Mexico I am glad that I didn't have to think about or experience that weather.
kws123 Premium
Interesting observation...