To Feast or Not To Feast

Last Update: Nov 26, 2016


I have been on a very strict eating lifestyle since the end of March. Now with Thanksgiving upon us, I had to answer the question. To feast or not to feast. With a strict limit of carbs and calories and elevated protein, you can see my dilemma. I must tell you that my new found eating habits are not doctor ordered but of my own decision. I found myself extremely overweight and made up my mind to help my body in its healing efforts.

I realize that dieting is often considered to be faddish, but I know that I am not doing this without total commitment. This is the reason that I had to struggle with the subject of to feast or not to feast. To date, I have been able to shed more than 50 lbs. since March. I have done this without any prescriptions or over the counter stimulants or drugs. Simple desire and commitment have helped me achieve this level of success. My concern is that by allowing myself to indulge in the traditional Thanksgiving feast would destroy what I have been working for.

My weight became an issue because I love to cook, bake and eat. Also being confined to a wheelchair made it nearly impossible to burn off the calories. Still unable to ambulate on my own I learned that by controlling my caloric intake I could lose weight. I also learned that calories alone would not be healthy. So with the aid of a computer program, I was able to set my calorie goal with carb limits and protein goal. To disregard what I have been doing took some consideration.

As most everyone knows, even if you're not from the U.S., Thanksgiving is more than food. It is a time to spend with family and friends in giving thanks. There is the time to prepare, time to share, and time to fellowship. I could jokingly say that by not participating would be anti-social, but in a sense that would be true. My family had gone through a lot of preparing for this meal. So, you ask, what did you do. You beat ya. I through caution to the wind and ate like all the rest! Let me tell you that it was a wonderful time shared by all. And now it is back to the scale and counting but I am happy for it. You see I know what my goal is and I will reach it.

I hope you all had a wonderful time! And to top it off, the Steelers won.

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Glad to hear you’re losing some weight eating healthy is always been a challenge of mind my entire life I’m now researching different herbs and different old thyme remedies instead of all the new stuff they have out there I would rather eat as natural as I can as I can I don’t have my site up and running yet it’s just a bunch a hodgepodge so far but when I get some actual recipes up there you should check it out I hope you have a full list of herbs in and what they’re good for so we can all eat a little healthier

It's awesome to hear that you are taking your health seriously and making it one of your top priorities! Way to go! I used to host body image workshops called LUV (Lighten Up Victoria).

What I learned is that some people are able to take a break and indulge, then get right back on track, while others totally lost focus if they broke their routine. I guess you just have to check in and trust yourself...of course as of today, thanksgiving is over, so how'd it go? - Joy

I am back on track, even though some leftover desserts still linger about.

Thanks for your comments.



Well done on your weight loss - that's tremendous :)

Thanks Jude,
It is good to see that you are still with us!


Thanks for the share :)

Sounds like a good time so around, best wishes as you get back to it.

Much appreciated.


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