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Seven weeks now with WA and a few attempts to set up a website. I started a few websites as sub-sites on siterubix and killed them. I installed a local host server on my computer, started some local websites and killed them. But I gathered experience in creating wordpress websites.Themes and Tools I have settled on Now I am settled on two themes - the first one is Iconic One Pro (a premium theme) and RedWave Lite (A free theme). I have learnt how to use Beaver Builder, a page builder, with these
This is my first blog to share my WA experience. I am now one week premium at WA and time for some reflexivity. First of all, many thanks to Carson and Kyle - WA is a fabulous platform and a great community. Thanks also to the WA community - whatever their physical age they are all young in spirit (I am 58) - for all the support in this first week and still going. Discovering WA’s existence was a great day for me. I was searching for information about the authenticity of another program - high