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Last Update: September 15, 2019

Hey WA community.

Can anyone give me some insighrt on how "Site Comments" work?

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mcknisu Premium
Hi. Here is a fellow WA members training re Site Comments. .
I also recommend that you continue through Kyle's Training to learn about site comments. It is important to configure site comments so that you can receive requests and also important to provide comments. This is all reviewed within the training. Site comments help to get your post and website noticed!! Best Wishes to you going forward!!
Palatia Premium
Hi there. It is having other WA'ers look at the page you choose on your site and then give comments (which you can approve or not) that show for your visitors. It's intended to get the conversation going and see what others think of your topic. It shows your visitors that your site is getting visitors.
Bazise Premium
Great stuff thanx