Social Shout outs to drive traffic

Last Update: January 17, 2018

Last night Dan came up with an idea and decided to test it.


The premise was that people's favorite topic is themselves. it is common knowledge that one of the most effective communication techniques is to get people to talk about themselves. Even 100% of the conversation is taken up by talking about themselves they will leave the conversation thinking you are the most interesting person in the world. If you don't believe me, try it next time you meet someone new.

The idea:

Dan finished the rough draft of his post on how to use influencer marketing successful and was just shy of 1,000 words. Instead of adding fluff to make it longer he wondered what would happen if you gave a shout out in his post to a fellow tampa native that has a pretty active following on twitter. This influencer's niche is social media marketing so his followers might be in the internet marketing niche.

As an added benefit Mike's company does have an affiliate program so naturally Dan applied and used his affiliate link. :) This directs them to take the 14 day trial and the close rate is typically 30-40% by the end of the trial. He finished around 5a and then went to bed.

Social Shout out:

While we were at Starbucks getting our lunch time coffee he was on his phone and i asked him what he was doing. His reply "testing out the theory" Here's what he was doing:

He alluded to giving mike a compliment in his blog post with a link to his blog.

Mike replied pretty quickly and also commented on the post in the site.

Getting a comment outside of the WA comment exchange is a small benefit. But in the last 10 hours there has been a much larger benefit. If you notice in the image of the tweet 2 people retweeted Dan's tweet and 5 people liked it. This just multiplied the reach. Here are the analytics from the tweet thus far:

One quick tweet from his cell phone was seen by 2,100 people and 11 people engaged with it. On top of that remember that he placed his affiliate link inside the post and here's the results thus far:

The blog post has generated 10 visits through his affiliate link and 1 signed up for the trial. There's about a 30% chance of closing but wont know for 14 days. This particular program is $50/mo so that's an opportunity for residual.

Additional benefit is from the engagement on twitter he has added a decent amount of followers:

That's almost 25 more people to click on links in his tweets. :)

This article does have a pretty good chance to rank in google as his target key word phrase doesn't have much competition

Once this post ranks in google, then this will passively increase his earning with social quant as an affiliate.

Influencer marketing does not have to always be a paid event. Think about giving an influencer in your niche a shout out in your blog and mention it to them on social media. Just make sure it's authentic.

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YFDaniels Premium
Makes very good sense to utilize this method! Thanks for sharing.
BarryBullard Premium
entirely my pleasure.
MKearns Premium
Wow. Look at those followers. Social shouting out pays!
BarryBullard Premium
he went from 700ish followers to almost 1700 in the last 30 days.