My to-do list is longer than Santa's Bad list

Last Update: January 20, 2018

We are so close to launching or crypto currency product. My business partner and I started listing out all the steps we need to accomplish in order to be ready to announce the launch.

here are some:

1. Record videos for sales page, upsell page, and JV page

2. Make pages for F/E, upsell, and JV

3. Autoresponder series for lead magnet and buyers

4. finish the bonuses for the F/E and the upsell

In addition to that we are going to be making a video opt-in page so people can join our list if they find value in our blog posts. Part of this is also finishing up our Welcome bonus of 350 methods (7 ebooks of 50 methods each from topics on email marketing to web copy) To get that ready need to finish the graphics like the flat images and 3-D covers and the bundle image with all 7 3D covers in one.

Once that is done then move on actually making the opt-in page and download page.

After looking at the list, I started feeling overwhelmed (a feeling a lot of people here can relate to). I know some people stay in this overwhelmed state as it's hard to figure out what to start with. This is where I channel what is called the power of one. Focus on only one thing that is needed to move the ball forward.

So i prioritized the list with Dan on what needs to get done first and what items on the list are dependent on finishing other items first. Once we had the to-do list prioritized we laser focus on the first item and then move on to the next.

Next time you are feeling overwhelmed, simply make a list of what needs to be done and prioritize the list. Doing this will help you keep moving forward on your path to success.

Hope this helps those that are feeling overwhelmed!

Currently we are on track to announce our product launch on 1/24 for an official launch date of 1/31.

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MFTrottier Premium
Thanks for sharing your insight. I am very interested to hear more about your cryptocurrency project considering the volatility of this market and recent headlines. Good luck with your product launch and don't forget to check your list twice to convert your naughty list to some nice profits :)
SRosenberger Premium
Great insight and well written! Best wishes on your IPO!
MKearns Premium
Time to leave a few at the North Pole Barry!
Jodysworld Premium
The title of your blog really caught my attention. Very clever!
BarryBullard Premium
thank you!