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Last Update: January 16, 2018

I know this is not a huge milestone by any means, however it is a momentum milestone in my opinion. My partner and I started out site 17 days ago and we have 10 posts plus a static page with a 1900 word article. 4-5 of the posts have indexed as this point and I'm sure more will be indexing as time goes on.

My partner has a crazy obsession with becoming an authority in our first niche. The foundation of his obsession is 100 blog posts (900-1200 words each) on various topics on internet marketing for beginners. He has thrown out an insane goal of 4-5 new posts every week. Not only that but he is also going to do 3-5 comment exchanges for every post.

I even challenged him by saying he needs to come up with a list for 50 ideas to plan it out just to see if this would delay him. In less than 10 minutes these ideas were in my inbox:

  1. Search engine marketing training
  2. Search engine marketing strategies
  3. Top 5 characteristics of a webpreneur
  4. The online success checklist- 7 things you need to know to succeed online
  5. Overcome content curation congestion- X steps to become a content creation beast
  6. How to get started in affiliate marketing
  7. Getting started with Twitter
  8. Getting started with Instagram
  9. Getting started with FB
  10. Getting started with Pinterest
  11. Getting started with Snapchap
  12. Making money as an amazon affiliate
  13. Making money with shopify
  14. 10 by 10 series- 10 tips to building your online empire
  15. FB Ads
  16. FB live
  17. Expanding your social influence
  18. 5 instagram lessons
  19. 5 social influence lessons
  20. Social media superstar
  21. How to create an amazing logo
  22. How to create an interesting social media page
  23. How to integrate your social media with your website
  24. How to make people excited to follow you on social media
  25. How to sell the dream online
  26. How to sell the dream through social media
  27. How to take great photos that tell a story
  28. How to write titles that will generate 3x more clicks
  29. Social media is all about communication
  30. Why you need to provide value
  31. Why you need to you know your “why” on social media
  32. Simple SEO
  33. Site promotion success
  34. Secrets to free web hosting
  35. 5 email marketing secrets
  36. 5 product creation secrets
  37. 5 productivity secrets
  38. 5 social media secrets
  39. 5 traffic secrets
  40. 5 upsell secrets
  41. 5 webcopy secrets
  42. How to spot a scam
  43. How to write a compelling headline
  44. Why the hell do people like quotes? why and how you should use them.
  45. Mindshift your success – how your mind is stopping your success
  46. The art of the story- leveraging stories to increase engagement
  47. Treat your online business like a business
  48. Adding a log to your blog
  49. Growth hacking 101
  50. Avoiding traditional niches and trying something new
  51. How to get more from old content on your blog

He stopped at one more than the number i set for him just to spite me :)

Place your votes now on how many total posts he will get done by the 31st (14 days) as well as do you think he will burn out before hitting the 100 goal.

Also out of the topics above which ones interest you so i can give him feed back on ones that everyone here finds interesting.

Knowing Dan he when he locks on to something his irish side takes over. He does not quit until he far surpasses his goal.

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Namonje Premium
Wow this is amazing!! most of these interest me but for now number 21, 22, 23, 24, 27, 32, 35, 39, 42, 43, 45, 46 and 49
BarryBullard Premium
thank y ou! taking notes of this to give to Dan.
JeannineC Premium
Can I just ask where you are getting your information from? It can take a while to become an expert, and unless you've actually done it yourself, it's only a book report. If you have done it yourself, then you are speaking from a position of knowledge and authority about what works and it will shine through in your writing.
BarryBullard Premium
information about what?

You are right that it can take a while to become an expert, however you need experience and being able to speak from experience. My business partner is actually doing what he is writing about prior to writing it so he can speak from experience.

On experience it doesn't take a while to try different things and learn from trial and error. If you are failing then chances are you aren't succeeding.

Dan is a quick study though. You could actually consider him almost authority status on Twitter. He really starting diving into it early december and in less than 2 months he has grown to almost 1700 targeted followers in his niche and is driving traffic to our site.
He has also been invited to guest post on how he is using advanced search to drive additional traffic. They reached out to him, not the other way around. Would they ask him to guest post if he was writing book reports?
SHowell Premium
I like the social networking topics
BarryBullard Premium
awesome. thank you. Which social media platforms interest you the most?
Namonje Premium
Instagram and Facebook
SHowell Premium
Facebook and Twitter
BarryBullard Premium
awesome. making a note of this for Dan.
CJ53 Premium
I got a little overwhelmed by just reading the list, but all are very good topics.

As for what interests me, I couldn’t even begin to tell you because I am totally new to all of this. If I had to choose though it would be anything to do with Pinterest (which I absolutely love) and Facebook ( which I use quite often).
BarryBullard Premium
thank you. will let my biz partner know!
MKearns Premium
It's all relational Barry. I'm closing in on 1400 WA posts. Aiming for content rather than word count!
BarryBullard Premium
I know. Dan typically delivers solid content, however his posts are usually 600-700 words to start. I work with him to get it up to 900 as i thought that is the optimal length for rankings. Am i wrong on this?
MKearns Premium
I don't think it makes much difference in the WA algorithm.
BarryBullard Premium
I think you misunderstood. I'm referring to article posts on our website not in WA.