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September 30, 2019
As many of my friends know, I haven't been around for the past 3 or so months, but that hasn't kept me from missing everything concerning WA and the friends I have met here. And while being away, I never thought for one minute to cancel my monthly membership her at WA. My fiance at times would ask me why do I still have a membership at WA when I'm not doing anything with WA.As many of you know I have been battling severe chronic pain and physical disabilities. I have been traveling back-in-fo
Good Day! Hope everyone is doing well today. I thought I'd give a little progress on what I've been up to and what I've accomplished in month one of SAC.By looking at what other people have accomplished so far in Month One of SAC, I feel like an underachiever, but I've been going back and forth for medical appointments this month; 7 as a matter of fact which are between 200 miles round trip to 450 miles round trip. And it has been a strain on my physical body and back as well has having to
April 30, 2019
Hey, it's been quite a while and I've been off the WA radar for sometime. I know that a lot of friends here at WA have written me and asked me if something happened to me cause they haven't heard much from me lately. It's true that I've let my WA rankings drop from 23, Ambassador, to 51. But I thought after being accepted into the Super Affiliate Program by Kyle, I was paying too much attention to rankings and not enough time to my businesses.Don't get me wrong though, I enjoy helping people
Hello and I hope you are having a great day here at Wealthy Affiliates!!Just got back from North Alabama after a grueling drive up to Huntsville. The traffic was terrible going up there. It took me 6 hours to get up there when under normal driving conditions would only take 4 hours 15 minute. But after I got up there, it was a great weekend. Beautiful weather along with a beautiful fiance. I couldn't ask for much better!But in the back of my mind, I have been thought a lot about the benefit
Hope everyone out there is doing well. I've been rollin', rollin', and keeping those doggies rollin'! LOL Guess you don't know where that came from? RAWHIDE!! For many of you that haven't seen the 1950s black and white Western TV show Rawhide, that was Clint Eastwood's first acting role.But, I've been off the radar for a while (for about 3 weeks actually). Due to the driving back and forth to and from north Alabama seeing dealing with my fiance's surgery, my neurosurgeon/pain specialist,
Just got a notice that my 2nd article on my new website, "The Coffee Bean Shoppe" has been indexed by Google. Maybe this website will do a lot better than my first webiste.The other day within 3 hours of putting my website live, it got indexed by Google, so things are looking a great day.Danny
Good Morning to all you out there in WA! So, my question is, What's our focus on here at WA? Well, over the last month, I have looked back and noticed that I've lost focus on what's really important to me.Many of you, know that I have been out of town because my fiance went through a major surgery and I have been gone again seeing about the latest Spinal Cord Stimulation system and seeing about an implant to help me with my pain. I have not been able to do much with WA nor have I been able t
March 17, 2019
Last Thursday my fiance had surgery so I traveled to north Alabama to be with her. Right before she went in to surgery, her surgeon came out and told me she would be in surgery for over 6 hours. This was very upsetting to me because I didn't know she would be in for that long.I've had a lot of surgeries in the past and the longest I had ever had was for 4 hours with my last back fusion. I was very upset and worried, but she came out well and is making a full recovery.As a matter of fact, she
March 14, 2019
Hey everyone! Today, I deposited some money in one of my bank accounts and before I did, I went on line and checked out one of my checking accounts. As I was looking, I found out that Google Ads took out $280.28 from my checking account and for what I don't have a clue.I went to my credit union and asked them for contact information for Google Ads to investigate this matter and they said that they didn't have any idea from Google about a phone number or anything else. I was shocked because G
Received some shocking news today. Two days ago I registered a new domain for my 2nd website called,, The Coffee Bean Shop. Yesterday, I installed a theme for it and I uploaded my header image, and worked on an About Me page. I only had about 4 sentences completed on it and left it because I had to take my son to his mother's to stay while I left town for a couple of days.About an hour ago while I was cleaning out my truck for the trip, my phone notified me t