Employee Vs Entrepreneur

Last Update: October 15, 2016

Which One Are You?

Entrepreneurs are willing to take the risk

Employees prefer to play it safe and stay off the radar

Entrepreneurs make the rules

Employees follow the rules

Entrepreneurs can't adjust to what society dictates

Employees flow right along with the main stream

Entrepreneurs make the jobs that employees work at

Employees work their job

Entrepreneurs want to affect/help people as much as possible

Employees typically look out for themselves and what benefits them

Entrepreneurs work when they want

Employees work 40 hours a week

Employees has a boss

Entrepreneurs are the boss

So witch one are you?

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MPollock Premium
This is so true, I take the risks,
wecwish Premium
I agree, there are many books out there that say this same thing. And I will pose this question to you. Do you really think it is safe to be an employee? Especially this day and age. I think not. So if you really think it is safer being an employee, read some books on the subject. It is a mind-opening thing. Especially read Rich Dad Poor Dad.That is one book that will surprise almost anyone.
dominic16 Premium
I've read that book by Robert Kiyosaki and it really changed my life. In fact, I've made a book review of it in my website.
BarbieJ Premium
Hi, I have not read that book yet, I most definitely look into it.
Thanks for your comment
dominic16 Premium
I love the entrepreneurial spirit. It's a hundred times much better than being an employee. I'm not against being an employee though, I just believe that being an entrepreneur allows you to create the life you want and it's a better position to take.