Last Update: Mar 9, 2017


Wow! I just got indexed on Google! How exciting! Thank you for all of you who are so great about answering my questions! This community is the most special and awesome community I could ever be a part of! Thank you Kyle and Carson!!!

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You got more help than I got I trying start a Mutibusinesses site and I can't get no help don't know how to write out a comment I had a niche which I though a comment I got told it was a niche I can not get nobody to answer I would like to know what am I doing wroung I need help and can't get it I NEED SOME BODY WIT A PHONE

Hey there,
How can I help you? I'm not sure what youre having a hard time with but if you want to private message me with some questions, I would be happy to help you!

I am busy trying to get comments done and the word niche done but am having no luck, I was going multibusiness , but one person recommended another title it seems I use larry's shopping center because I am going to advertise everything under the sun from clothes to camping gear to toys what do you think may god bless

I think it would be beneficial for you to focus on one niche first then expand into others. Like make your domain name general enough so you can expand it but focus on one thing like camping gear first then expand to others. Then you can focus on the training and won't get overwhelmed

Fantastic news. Keep up the good work!

Hi BaileyC, how long ago you started with WA? and what does it mean to get indexed on google, sorry I just started learning about the online business.

Hi Lyda,

I actually just started on WA 2 weeks ago tomorrow. Basically from my understanding being indexed on Google means that Google has found your website. Hope that helps and good luck! It's a lot of work but I believe it will work out for both of us!

Ok, that's what I was thinking. Thank you, good luck for you too and let's work to make this happen. Keep in touch.

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