Day seven

Last Update: August 23, 2015

We are creatures of habit, to form good habits we must consciously put forth the effort. Every day this week I have spent one to 2 hours browsing wealthy affiliate. This keeps my goals in the forefront and I have learned to navigate the site much easier.

I have learned a lot this past week. I purchase two domain names and transferd them here and set up one free site. They are still void of content but it is a start. I am learning as much as I can about word press before I start adding content. I feel it is better to do things right the first time rather than going back and trying to find all my mistake. I think for me learning word press will be a big learning curve, time consuming. The other aspects of this business really click with me.

Saturday I received my custom built computer but unfortunately the SATA 111 drive is too small. So Monday I will have to take it back and have a larger one put in. I plan on making affiliate marketing a fulltime business and a slow out of date computer just does not make sense.

The price of a computer can vary from as little as $400 up to $5000, how much horsepower do you need in your computer? I spent several hours talking with my computer tech about my needs and how I planned on using it and stressed the importance of upgrading it in the future to get the most bang for my buck. Here is a brief description of my PC build. CPU Intel i5 upgradeable to i7, 250 GB solid state drive, and a second 2TB high performance hard drive, 8GB of RAM upgradeable to 32. And a CD/DVD burner. And lastly windows seven professional 64 bit upgraded to windows 10. This setup meets all my criteria (smoken fast) and upgradeability for $1125 and that includes the up grade on the SATA111 drive. For me that is a fair amount of money.

My day job requires 60 plus hours a week so I need to be efficient with my time, and with a faster computer I will be more productive in my learning and building.

I hope this gives you some ideas on your next PC build.

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Cool, thanks for sharing!