Finally, I made it I've completed level 5 hoofs

Last Update: May 20, 2019

Hello everyone here, just a quick update of my accomplish so far.

Level 5 of OEC finally finished it took me so long, and I'm moving in the training so slow just like a TURTLE lol

SAC challenge still on >>>>>

As I move forward in the training I also focus on the SAC challenge, although I still way far from the challenge:

- 8 posts out of 12 posts, remaining 4 on the way

- 30 keywords out of 50 keywords, remaining 20 keywords

- 1500+ words of WA review...

- and more to do ,,, time is ticking>> tick tok --- tick tok --- :( :( :( ....

I hope that I can catch what left for me to back on the track again...

Don't Despair, and Never Give Up, Always be optimistic



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DesireeA Premium
You're doing great! Awesome progress! Keep forging ahead.
MElumir Premium
congratulations on your success.
Azizmj Premium
Thank you, you too still got more tasks to be done