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Authoring & Writing Content - Classroom Overview
Writers block is not allowed here at Wealthy Affiliate. Why? Because you have access to an entire classroom…
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Anyone here use grammarly? how affective is it?
Just wondering if anyone here at WA uses Grammarly and how affective and helpful is it for you? Just…
  2 hours ago 13 Replies
Need website comments? the give and take comment thread
For those of you that don't understand the importance of comments, this discussion is for you. If you…
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How many posts are acceptable per day?
How many posts of content can I make in a day and still be acceptable with google? For instance is it…
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What is gravatar which appears at the bottom of the comment?
I am trying to submit a comment on a site. When I submit my comment nothing happens.the email address…
1 day ago 5 Replies
I want to a publish post?
How do I do it
1 day ago 4 Replies
What is the best font to use?
Trying to decide the best font for on line viewing of my site. I've played around with them some but…
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Writing content in your own words?
I have never been a writer so I struggle with being able to write content in my own words andvI don't…
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Where did all the blog posts go?
I've noticed recently that all the wonderful blog posts that my connections post to WA aren't showing…
5 days ago 13 Replies
How do I add images to my website through wordpress?
My website has been indexed by Google and I have been continuously adding content to it everyday, however…
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How can I attract traffic to an autobiographical website?
I want to write about the varied life experiences I have had. My intent is to entertain, provide historical…
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I dont want to plagiarize, but how in this case?
I put this in Chat but no one answered. When listing facts about a automobile and specifications by…
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Why won't the font size change when I try to enlarge my article?
I am having difficulty changing the size of my fonts while writing articles in Wealthy Affiliate. I…
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Is it okay to only have a few offers on my new website?
[BEFORE RESPONDING, PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: this question is not related to making money. I'm not concerned…
1 week ago 5 Replies
Having trouble picking an unaffiliated topic on website?
I'm having a hard time picking a topic for a page of unaffiliated content. My website is all about new…
1 week ago 10 Replies
Can I restore my previous work on site content?
I was just getting ready to submit the first post ever on my website but one of the Headers was missing.…
1 week ago 13 Replies
Is it bad to publish through wa site content?
Please advise so usually when I do a post - I begin by writing everything in the site content. I would…
1 week ago 8 Replies
Do I need to ask people1st to use their art or credit after?
Hi there, so my niche is nail art, I do intend on learning to actually do it well and adding more of…
1 week ago 11 Replies
Whate are non-compete sem bidding keywords?
I am just looking into one of the affiliate programs I have been accepted on and wondered what this…
1 week ago 7 Replies
Anyone using reedsy to write your ebookbook?
I just stumbled across this free book/ebook creation tool and did a quick book then had it made into…
2 weeks ago 26 Replies
Publish tool here on wa and it keeps turning all of my text into a header?
Hello, I'm using the publish tool here on WA and it keeps turning all of my text into a header when…
2 weeks ago 6 Replies
Can you get rid of or hide date stamps?
Is there a way to hide the time stamp on your posts? I feel it would look fresher and not as dated,…
2 weeks ago 15 Replies
How to convert page to post?
Hi, I have create page instead of post , would you be able to advise how i can convert page top postThanks
2 weeks ago 3 Replies
Can we put the featured image at the end of blog post?
Hello experts, this question or idea might sound weird to you, but after searching on Google if I can…
2 weeks ago 15 Replies
How to add links to amazon affiliate program?
I just joined Amazon's Affiliate Program. However, when I began to add links to products available on…
2 weeks ago 13 Replies
Do you use pretty links for amazon sites?
Hello WA friends. Do you use Pretty links with Amazon affiliate sites? I am pretty sure that Amazon…
3 weeks ago 4 Replies
Can i write a commercial intent article before i write 25?.
was wondering if i can write an article now that im gonna put affiliate links in the future. this would…
3 weeks ago 36 Replies
How can I get traffic just based upon my content?
Hi,I'm not sure what else I can do to get traffic onto my site. I am writing new content and doing my…
3 weeks ago 16 Replies
Spell check tool not functioning?
Hello. I have a 17 thousand word article and it says the spell check is good to go but it does not perform…
4 weeks ago 2 Replies
Give feedback on content
Hello.My head is spinning again after building content on the domain I didn't want. Now I am back to…
4 weeks ago 4 Replies
Can I purchase articles or content anywhere on the web?
Is there a website like Fiver except for content and articles?
4 weeks ago 5 Replies
Can someone explain the meta description?
i keep the meta description under 160. it says to do so at the bottom when you edit a post. so i took…
4 weeks ago 15 Replies
Blog post doing well in rankings, but not converting?
I have a blog post that is ranking well for several keywords, on page 1 and on the top, first or second…
4 weeks ago 13 Replies
Is it good to have a bilingual website? english and french
I am woundering what is best. Having a bilingual English/French website or 2 seperated websites??Thanks
1 month ago 8 Replies
What should I put in my web site?
I am building my web site in the japanese knives niche. Found suppliers with affiliate program and I…
1 month ago 8 Replies
Do you recommend doing guest posts?
I received an email today from a group that wants to do a guest post. I looked them up and seem legit.…
1 month ago 19 Replies
Is my approach to writing articles correct?
Hey all,So, my niche is about affiliate marketing but I want to expand later on to email marketing and…
1 month ago 6 Replies
Contact the company that you wrote a review for comments?
Hello WA family,I have an idea and I hope I'll get your valuable comments. I wrote a review of a product…
1 month ago 19 Replies
Can I get some help with a side of motivation, please?
HI, everyone. I am struggling to even get started on writing any of my content at all. I mean i do have…
1 month ago 6 Replies
Can i internal link comm intent articles with info intent ?
on my informational intent articles can we internal link our commercial intent articles?
1 month ago 14 Replies
Putting videos from youtube into my content?
Hi everyone, Was just wondering how to put videos directly fro YouTube into my content as I have some…
1 month ago 5 Replies
I actually do need help please, was loving the training, now have done something which is sooooo fru
I actually do need help please, was loving the training, now have done something which is sooooo frustrating,…
1 month ago 10 Replies
Can we use as many headings as we want in our articles?
is there a limit on how many headings we should use? and if we use more should we add more internal…
1 month ago 47 Replies
How do I know where google ranked my site?
Is there a way to check to see where google ranked my website?
1 month ago 9 Replies
Anyone use wordhero - ai content writer?
Anyone use WordHero - AI Content Writer?? Recommendation??Thanks
1 month ago 12 Replies
Can anyone proofread my product review?
Hello, my fellow WA members,I recently wrote a product review on my site. However, I'm not a native…
1 month ago 15 Replies
What is the best way to contact people to do guest posts?
I want to do some guest posting what is the best way to contact people, please?
1 month ago 17 Replies
Is adding google maps and phone numbers ok?
i add custom google maps with the pin location to my articles so my readers can get directions to the…
1 month ago 6 Replies
How long does it take google to rank a post if they want to?
Google ranking posts how long will it take if they do
1 month ago 5 Replies
What is the difference - categories and tags?
I have been working on websites and adding posts. Can someone tell me the difference between categories…
1 month ago 9 Replies