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Authoring & Writing Content - Classroom Overview
Writers block is not allowed here at Wealthy Affiliate. Why? Because you have access to an entire classroom…
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Need website comments? the give and take comment thread
For those of you that don't understand the importance of comments, this discussion is for you. If you…
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Can I change faces on my website now?
Hello WA friends, I have used a "this person does not exist" face for my new website to try and keep…
4 hours ago 6 Replies
Can I repeat some content in numerous articles?
I'm writing about CBD. As the WA training teaches, each of my articles targets different keywords.However,…
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Which are internal links on seo?
I am writing content, and I have an error which says there are no internal links in my content. Which…
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I did write the article myself but have 13% plagiarism?
I did write my article myself but have a score of 13% Plagiarism Why? The first time I chcke the article…
  16 hours ago 20 Replies
Course content example has changed?
Hi Kyle, just a quick question I am working through the content and the content has changed midway through…
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Site content photo insert pop up box glitch?
Hello, I'm having trouble with the Site Content photo insert feature when trying to insert stock photos.…
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Speech to text - what programs have worked great for you?
Speech to Text - What Programs Have Worked Great for You?I have many "books" inside me and I know it…
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Is it a good idea to paraphrase and than rephrase the condense?
I have problems coming up with articles and Paraphrase and rewrite the article. When I check for plagiarism…
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How do you upload videos and podcasts?
How do you post videos and podcasts for classes and instruction such as in cooking classes, yoga classes,…
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Where should I insert images?
Should I be inserting Images to my post in Site Content before publishing or after publishing in my…
2 days ago 24 Replies
Blog how do l wright another blog?
How do l Wright a another blog
2 days ago 17 Replies
What are the benefits of writing posts on your wa blog?
What are the benefits of writing posts on the WA platform as opposed to your own website?
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Am I creating original content or copying by rewording?
So I'm working on a niche about Netflix, it's one of my first niches so I tried to keep it simple so…
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How to highlight only the sub headings?
I'm trying to highlight sub headings in my site content. i just want to highlight the sub headings but…
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Where to create content? wordpress or site content?
I just realized, i can create content in wordpress or within site content.What is the difference?
4 days ago 10 Replies
What is better? improving old posts or write new ones?
Hello everyone!I was wondering what is better to write and publish new posts or improve old ones? I…
5 days ago 41 Replies
Can you transfer everything from one website to another?
Is it possible to transfer all pages, and posts from one website to another website? Or do you have…
6 days ago 10 Replies
Does posting youtube videos increase website traffic?
Does posting YouTube videos increase website traffic? I've heard recently that posting 5-10 YouTube…
6 days ago 17 Replies
What is the maximum pixel width for images sizes for a blog?
Hi Folks,With images in the PNG format, what is the widest pixel size I can use for my blog? Currently,…
6 days ago 2 Replies
How does google treat more academic like posts?
Academic content that have quotes and references
6 days ago 3 Replies
How do I make my content appear on site content ?
I typed my content on my word press page but I also want it to appear on site content. What should I…
1 week ago 18 Replies
Can I get feedback on another website besides my original?
I'm wondering if I can get the same level of attention from WA on a website other than my original.…
1 week ago 5 Replies
How to get your articles indexed in google?
I have created a few articles of content now. None of them have been indexed in google. Why is this…
1 week ago 6 Replies
Is it okay to write stories?
Sometimes ideas get inside my head and I just can't get them out until I write them down or type them…
1 week ago 11 Replies
I don't know what to put in my popup text?
I don't know what to write in my popup Text. Shall I put a picture with a text advising customers about…
1 week ago 5 Replies
Should I concentrate on one website only?
I have two websites and was wondering if I should only concentrate on one website at the moment? The…
1 week ago 14 Replies
Where can I find the 14 day replay by jay?
I am wanted to find the 14 Day Replay on Blog Writing that Jay had some classes on, I cannot find it…
1 week ago 13 Replies
How do I edit a blog post?
It appears that in my first blog in training in level 2. I mentioned my website address & it appears…
1 week ago 9 Replies
Can I use material from other websites?
I'm doing a website on Easy Vegetarian Recipes. I'd like to know if I can use recipes from other sites…
1 week ago 12 Replies
Do i no follow, sponsored etc.which?
I want to link to an article on the internet as a reference, what designation do I use?Would this be…
1 week ago 24 Replies
I would like some advice on writing a blog?
I am new to this and would like some advice on how to write a successful blog and possible some examples.Thanks,George
2 weeks ago 9 Replies
Which come's first the landing page or the email content ?
I was working on creating a landing page for my Niche, But it just came to me as to,what do I write…
2 weeks ago 7 Replies
Can a word display hidden content?
Is it possible to add text within a word that will display when you "hover" over it in lieu of writing…
2 weeks ago 4 Replies
Creating a website for somebody?
When you are creating a website for someone, when you publish your posts do you use your name as the…
2 weeks ago 6 Replies
Advice about site niche,what is your experience with product s connect with psychology ?
Hello, Kyle!Hope you and your family are in good health.I wish you that!I will be deep honest with you.I…
2 weeks ago 7 Replies
How can I add a "tick" to a microsoft word document?
This may sound like an unusual question! However, I create my to-do list in Microsoft Word, I'm sure…
2 weeks ago 27 Replies
Aioseo says I don't have transition words?
The AIOSEO keeps telling me "Only 17% of the sentences contain transition words, which is not enough.…
3 weeks ago 7 Replies
How to find a member from sitecomments?
Hey guys,I have this person leaving comments on my site via SiteComments all the time (at least 3 comments…
3 weeks ago 15 Replies
How can you lengthen your niche content?
How do you find more to write about on your keywords. I keep finding myself stuck at around 600 to 700…
3 weeks ago 11 Replies
Is 2650 words to long for a blog?
I have written a very in-depth blog about WA which I want to use for a Google Ad it is 2650 words long…
3 weeks ago 17 Replies
Should I still write blogs to be index by google?
I was wondering if I should still write blogs to be indexed by Google or should I only write blogs for…
3 weeks ago 21 Replies
What's a good amazon plugin to use?
I have found Amazon Sitestripe to, quite plainly, suck. Is there a good plugin to use?
3 weeks ago 1 Reply
The speaking dragon vs. typing? got tips?
I tried using google docs for transcribing posts when I was out of my home working one day, but it did…
3 weeks ago 5 Replies
Plagiarism: does it exist in blogging?
are the rules of plagiarism the same for blogging as other writings? If so, where do I see the rules…
3 weeks ago 10 Replies
Where to publish my posts first?
I have two websites one is with that website it is hard to promote…
3 weeks ago 7 Replies
Ads are under the wrong heading?
I have been advertising on Bing and have two websites on is the other is…
3 weeks ago 7 Replies
When to disapprove of a site comment?
Hi, GangLately, when I request comments about a particular article, I've been getting comments about…
3 weeks ago 8 Replies
How may words should my page be?
When I write a page for my PCC campaign how many words should the page be? Is it advisable to include…
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