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March 12, 2022
Hi wonderful WA family,I feel like it's been so long since I blogged as well as doing a tutorial but I was thinking deeply this morning about my holiday with my mother last week.I'm certainly feeling refreshed (although I did post pre-prepared articles on my website every day.) After 2 + years of study and building my websites I decided I needed a head break and my mum is 84.As you can see from the picture she really enjoyed the carriage ride around the local wineries and this was a lovely plac
As many as you know, I am thrilled to be an Ambassador and be there to answer questions on a daily basis. But what we do here at Wealthy Affiliate is not a game. I cannot believe how quickly we have jumped into 2022 and it's almost March. I've been reflecting on where I want to be this time next year and that has made me decide to step back as an Ambassador and put that time into writing more content for my websites.I'm sure my ranking will go up and down most weeks depending on my input here.T
February 02, 2022
Hi my fabulous WA family,I just wanted to share this exciting moment as it's a confirmation of why I have been working so diligently for months now. Waking to a Paypal notification that more money is rolling into my account while I sleep is so exciting. This was for a Bluehost sale.It started me thinking about the concept of passive income and how it is misleading to think that we can ever make money by doing nothing (passive) unless it is an inheritance.Personally, I like being paid for the ef
Hi, wonderful WAer family, I'm waxing philosophical today as I've found myself pondering on some of the blogs and comments that come across my computer daily.We all recognize and applaud someone who is successful (making money) but do we ever stop to think just what their journey was from where they started to that success?I've always enjoyed reading success stories and there is always a struggle. Which is fascinating when it isn't happening to you. He heBut success always comes from struggle.
January 15, 2022
Hi Fabulous WA family,Thank you to my over 3000 followers, I truly enjoy reaching out to you and becoming friends.I hope that you have lots of good plans in place for this new year ahead. Many of you have been working hard at your businesses now for a few years and I really applaud your persistence.It's one of the unsung skills to dig in day after day and just 'Do It!' We all come from an employee background and sometimes we almost miss having someone to tell us what we have to do (almost.)When
Good morning, evening my WA family!What an interesting time of my life. I looked in the mirror this morning (after breakfast in bed that my husband cooked) and thought who is that old woman? LolNo really, I'm totally comfortable with reaching 60. Gone is the young body and face but the thousands of special memories of a life well-lived are reflected in my smiling face.Through hard work and some design, I live in a comfortable old home with a nice view near the beach, shops, and amenities. Away
December 25, 2021
Wishing you all a lovely Christmas Day. Stay safe all you dear people and I look forward to an exciting year ahead for all of us!This is how we spent the day. Gorgeous weather, sand, sun, and cool water.Hugs and loveLily
December 22, 2021
As a newbie, sometimes we get so bogged down in all the information that we are learning here at Wealthy Affiliate that we forget that we need to put in place systems for ourselves.Every new trick you learn to build your business is something that you want to remember. Some of these tips you need to use each day on your posts. Perhaps it is doing SEO, or it's the way that you add Images or even how many internal and external links that you put in.Now that you are your own boss you need to devel
Have you ever had one of those days?We all have!When it pours with rain, your car breaks down, the kids need feeding, the shopping needs doing and then you cut yourself and have to go to the hospital. Yup, yup, yup. LolEveryone has moments in their lives when it seems the gods are against them, it's part of the human condition and one that as business owners we have to face head-on.You have to design a way to react to the times when you just are not going to get any work done that day and maybe
So excited to reach these milestones in my journey. It's always fun to share the times that we have hit a goal but I truly never thought that I would have enough to say. LolYou probably don't believe me when I say I'm a pretty shy person (most musicians are) and my very first blog ever was here at Wealthy Affiliate. I barely scraped 200 words together and agonized about each one. Now I look back and laugh. What was a worried about?This community embraced me and I've been tapping away ever since