Last Update: August 10, 2018

What is success?

Is success too much money in the bank?
Is success non-material, like being 100% Real & remaining consistently true to oneself?

Does success mean having all the time-freedom in the world?
However you deem success, It's defined differently for every single person.

i.e. When we make our desired money, what we imagine our 'dream money' to be, imagine swapping bank accounts with Jeff Bezos, he would have a heart attack if he woke up to find he was only making our much-desired, measly million(s).


When we swapped accounts WE would go into cardiac arrest because we have not (yet) imagined what making over 100 Billion Dollars feels like, so how will it ever manifest in our reality if we can't even imagine such awesome abundance?

(Seriously, besides granting every human access to clean—potable water, solving the world hungry thing, and making schools free, you'd still be the richest person alive hahaha)

They say a human's biggest fear is not open water, or heights, It's not even death...

Humans biggest fear is said to be public speaking.

I believe it is actually fear of ones' own success.

We all have programmed in us these negative beliefs about how being rich is somehow bad, money is evil, other untrue BS, we can't create what we condemn.

I think we all can agree on some level, money is a great thing!

What I imagine success today, will not be the same vision in 2 weeks from now, and 2 months from then success will be deemed something much more different.

At one point in time, for me, success was having a full tank of gas and food to eat!

Funny how things change so fast, now success is helping over 1,000 business before this years end. Go-Go-Go-Go-Go.

Our goals are always evolving with us as we become more aware of who we are, and our true purpose on this planet.

We Are Creators. Life doesn't happen to us—we are not victims, we are volenteers.

We are our biggest enemy when it comes to co-creating our desired life, the hardest thing to do is get out of your own way and LET GO!
Let go of all those old-beliefs.

Out with the old in with the new!

Helping over 1,000 businesses before the years end is a "big goal" but it is just the start!

I think success is living a great life with no regrets, I think when you're on your death bed, and life is fading, if you can really say, "I have no regrets", I think that is the ultimate success.

We should always be doing what we love to do, never doing what we "need to do for money" when we chase money we truly lose the game.
Enough of the chit-chat.. .

Here's my success story:

I've had this domain since June 16th of this year, since that time I've been working on building this website day and night.
Well, mostly night, and missing countless nights of sleep in the process.

Logging in well over 200 hours into this site in a 2 month period, it has come a long way!

I intend to keep adding content to it but i think it's finally at a point where it's ready to be launched and I feel this has been a "success".

A 2 month process, 3 weeks longer than expected, but well worth it.

I just want to end with this, you can really have, do and be anything you set your mind, heart and soul to.

There is nothing holding you back from your success.

We all live in an instant gratifying world, if you can delay your instant gratification, you can have everything you dream of!

Don't Stop Dreaming, Our Desires Are Meant To Be Realized.


Much Warmth & Love From Southern California!

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keishalina Premium
Amen! ... you've said it! ... thanks kindly for sharing & posting.. all the best for every success, cheerio... :)