Understanding the type of vehicle you need, to reach your destination

Last Update: April 25, 2018

Today I want to share about the mode of transport when one has decided on a journey. It is one of the most important decisions one will have to make, one way or the other. I will try and make use of an example, to drive the point home.

Let’s consider John and Mary, each is planning on their respective trips. John is based in Seattle (America) and wants to visit Johannesburg in South Africa (Africa), which is a flight distance of about 22hrs. Mary on the other hand is based in Canada (Toronto) and wants to visit her aunt in Ottawa (Canada), which is only about 351km from her place. Why would John not choose a Ferrari to go to Johannesburg from Seattle? Can Mary Walk to Ottawa? Yes they can choose these alternative vehicles or mode of transport to their chosen destination, but what is more ideal?

Let’s now relook at our situation here at Wealthy Affiliate. One of the crucial activities we complete is setting some money goals. If you haven’t done so, please do. From the time I have been personally interacting with posted goals, I observed different variations in terms of what people put forward. Certainly there are many factors behind every person’s choice of figures. Remember no goal is too small or too big. Correct or wrong. It depends on you as an individual on what personally determines your success.

Someone will set goals that are not so challenging enough for instance, maybe because they don’t have faith enough on the potential of the platform and not yet committed to their personal goals, or fear to fail. Thus not my focus, so let’s leave that aside.

I want to zoom in and focus on the big dreamers. I am one too, I don’t settle for less. I am one person who believes if you set goals that can even scare you personally you are really in for great things, provided you put in the necessary work.

Here is my challenge though, ‘Talk is cheap’, so is just jotting down those goals. If goals are just put on paper and there is no solid plan and the discipline to follow the plan towards achieving them, they are as good as a nightmare.

If you have made up your mind and certainly know that these goals are going to demand effort and a strong work ethic, you better do that. Like I started off talking of making a decision about a journey. If you are John in this case someone travelling a very long distance (big goals), your best mode of vehicle depending on how fast you want to reach at your destination is an airplane.

I wouldn’t expect someone to set big goals and start debating about weather to upgrade their membership to Premium or not. No matter what brand of car you have, driving a flight distance of about 22hrs is not practical. So is trying to achieve worthwhile goals like aiming for generating 3, 4, 5 or 6 figure income a month, without all the necessary training and tools needed to setup a platform that can produce those results.

I do appreciate that there may be money issues, doubt and many other factors at play. If you have planned your destination well, make sure you get the right vehicle to take you to your destination. You may drive to the airport like John, beyond the airport; you need something that can fly if you are going to complete that journey.

Starting with a free membership is not bad at all, but don’t lie to yourself that, you will reach all your goals with the free membership. At some point in time, you are going to need to choose the right vehicle. Therefore, Choose your vehicle wisely.

I hope it didn’t come out strong and sound like I am targeting anybody. Be rest assured, I am just sharing my opinion.

Wishing you all success going forward. Please Fly instead of driving where possible.

Till next time!!

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skendrick4 Premium
You have excellent points here. Thank you. WA Premium is the right vehicle for the job.

Attlee Premium
Thank you for the endorsement and managing to stop by.
HalimNajm Premium
I want one each. Wow. Very nice
Attlee Premium
Certainly possible, you can have. Me too!!