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Last Update: Apr 29, 2018

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Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quitConrad Hilton

Learn form history

Take a moment to read biographies of successful people, be it from sport, business and any arena of life. I would desist from giving specific names for the sole reason of not limiting your search. Sometimes, we have such people close to us, but we never take notice of their experiences till where they are today, yet there are priceless lessons to be learn from their history.

For almost every new person and anyone active here at WA, you have heard Kyle share his personal experience on his journey as an affiliate marketer and today we have this successful platform that has the potential to serve generations after generations. Food for thought!!

Success is a process

With such close examples around us, why is it that we give up so easily on that which we would have started?

Understanding that success is a result of a process will help us to keep going. Reminding ourselves that success doesn’t happen overnight will help us to persevere.

When we make mistakes, let’s find lessons to pick from such mistakes, if there are no lessons, consider it as one of the detours that helped you to take a breather.

Remind yourself, when you reach a hump or a roadblock, that doesn’t mean the journey, is over. Yes that may slow your speed, but at a point in time, you will have to accelerate and keep going.

The secret is Action

Action cures any confusion in your journey to success. When you seem not to be seeing any tangible results, don’t quit, keep working. Keep posting, commenting other posts, e.t.c. You never know where you will pickup your inspiration, to keep the fire burning.

My message today, was simply to remind each one of us here that let’s keep moving. The journey is still on. Success is a process and we have to see the process through for us to yield results. We can’t claim success when we abandon the journey halfway through.

Wishing you all success in your online business endeavors!!

Recent Comments


Very inspiring message.
Thank you.

Certainly a pleasure. Thank you for find time to read. All the best.

That's what I try to do, just keep at it .
Thank you Doug

Thus the spirit, keep going, you are in the right path. All the best.

Thank you. I need that motivation today.


Glad to hear that it could help. Keep moving, don't get discourage d by results. All the best!!

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