My progress so far and what I have learnt

Last Update: November 10, 2015

I joined WA two months ago. Since then I have faced many challenges that if I have had in the past I would have quitted 10 times by now.
WA has tought me many things; not only how to create a website, write content ect, but it has also tought me how to reach out for help within the community and outside the community. I learnt how to get information by asking others. It may sound silly but in the past it was very difficult for me to reach out for help.

A BIG thank you to Kyle and Carson, and the whole community of WA!!

One advice to the new ones here. If you get stuck on something just pop the question to the WA. If it’s taking long for an answer to come just do something else. I spent many hours trying to figure out things by searching on google, getting stressed and burning out my brain. I don’t mean not to search by your own at all, but when you feel that it’s not going anywhere and that it’s just giving you headache, stop.


When I first joined WA I was just thinking that I want to start making money so that I can finally quit my job.
This is still my goal, but the joy I receive from creating something that is totally mine, and from doing something I’m passionate about every day, is AMAZING! I didn’t expect that it would feel so good. So this is not only about making money for me. This is about following my dreams.

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Lonelyearner Premium
I readed your Bio and that was fascinating and I watched your training. I am newbie and this amazon affiliate link, image, text training was helpful to me, Thanks!!

And nice to meet you!

benjohnson1 Premium
im where you were ! and yeah frustrating is a small chunck of how ive been feeling
Athanasia Premium
It will get easier, just keep going. Think that everyday that passes you learn something new and that takes you closer to your goal.
Small steps are better than no steps at all. Aren't they? ;)
fmwaniki Premium
I can feel it and i am happy WA has been able to transform you.You can not survive on your own,we need friends and helpers.wishing best of luck in all your plans.
Athanasia Premium
Thank you so much my friend. I'm wishing you the best of luck to!