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I joined WA two months ago. Since then I have faced many challenges that if I have had in the past I would have quitted 10 times by now. WA has tought me many things; not only how to create a website, write content ect, but it has also tought me how to reach out for help within the community and outside the community. I learnt how to get information by asking others. It may sound silly but in the past it was very difficult for me to reach out for help. A BIG thank you to Kyle and Carson, and th
September 18, 2015
Just went premium !! The last week my life has changed. Meaning that a new door has opened with lots of opportunities. Until now I was drowning in my everyday life not having anything interesting to do or get inspired of. Now I wake up every morning happy and excited about my future! I feel very grateful to be here! Thanks to Kyle and Carson and to the hole WA community!