Difficult Decision Made!

Last Update: September 14, 2016

After months of trying to work on both my niche and WA sites, plus running an offline marketing business AND being employed 10 hours a week, I've decided something has to give!

Our daughter recently started secondary school, and as a result the access she now has to sports and clubs is incredible. She has thrown herself into trying out as many as she possibly can - which means more running around in the car! I want her to have all these opportunities, while still cooking good meals and not being a snappy wife!!

So, the outcome is I've decided to park my WA site for a bit. Given I'm already earning from my niche site, this was the natural one to go "into the garage" for a while. It's hard, as a lot of work has already gone in, but I'm really scratching the surface at a few things, rather than planning and marketing these businesses properly. And the killer is I know this already - marketing is critical to the success of a business!

So, I've given myself a good talking to, telling myself not be greedy with the potential that is available.

#Focus on making a success of a fewer things

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MPollock Premium
Love it, now set it up and go for it.
JudeP Premium
All the best :)