What The Wealthy Affiliate is and what we should focus to do?

Last Update: April 20, 2016

Hello Friends and Followers how are you today? I hope every one of you doing well in your daily life. Cool! Today here I am gonna tell you clearly what I think the Wealthy Affiliate is and suggest you to find your own way here. I’m also gonna suggest you what you should focus to do here in this community.

Okay, let's began, as a newbie or a premium, we all knows in this community we can get rank on the basis of our daily performance. If we perform well in here that's mean we're doing good, we're learning things, helping people, creating blogs or training materials etc. Whatever we're doing here that will definitely affect our online business goal.

Here in Wealthy Affiliate, minimum numbers meaning good rank. So, on the basis of that, if you have 6 or 5 figure number showing as your rank that’s mean two things, either you’re new in this community or you’re completely inactive. If you’re new in this community, I’m sure your rank will get in a shape of 4 or 3 figure within very short if you follow all of your lessons properly. That’s mean you will learn well and prepare yourself for your very own online business and you’ll become a master soon.

I’ve found lots of newbies here in chat area asking, “Hey Guys, How to start?” or “How can I earn money here?” And there have a few members registered with Wealthy Affiliate for long-time as a FREE member and asking, “Hey, is there any way to earn some good amount before upgrading myself to Premium?”

Guys, this is really pathetic! If you are here that’s mean at least you know what Wealthy Affiliate is! If you are here and have no idea what Wealthy Affiliate is then I’ve really nothing to say… I think you should explore it by yourself instead of asking in Chat area.

Okay, let me tell you, Wealthy Affiliate is a Community to help people to learn about online business, affiliate marketing and over all digital marketing system. Wealthy Affiliate will provide you various online courses for Online Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Web Development (Not the core but with easy WordPress content management) and lots of videos to setup your very own online business, promote your website, marketing and more. So basically, it’s not a place to invest money and generate lazy incomes for nothing. But yes, Wealthy Affiliate is offering you a nice deal, Earn when you’re learning! By this way, you can invite your friends and family to join this community to learn about online business and marketing if they are interested. And Wealthy Affiliate will share affiliate revenue with you if they join this community by using your link. That’s it… nothing more than that. Mainly it’s completely an educational system, not an earning machine.

So, my suggestion is, if you’re here for some lazy income, trust me, this is not for you. Because earning money is not a lazy job! If you think, Wealthy Affiliate is a system where you can generate your extra income by inviting your friends and family and advice them to follow the same process and you’ve nothing to do more than that then I am sorry to say guys, this is not that kind of MLM (Multi Level Marketing or Network Marketing) Platform. Please don’t practice that kind of MLM behaviors here and spoil your and Wealthy Affiliate’s reputation. This is a system to learn about online business, establish a system as your very own business and growth techniques with digital marketing. And as a bonus, you will get affiliate share if you work hard and promote and sell Wealthy Affiliate’s products and services.

Okay, now I think all of you got a clear view what I said. Now let’s move on other topics, what we should focus to do here in this community.

In this community your member rank depends on 3 different activities:

1.Helper: Helping others by answering their questions in chat, private messages, and comments area.

2.Creator: Activities by creating blogs and training for all.

3.Activity: All activities from login to logout. Having a lesson, watching videos, commenting on other’s profiles are counting as your overall activities.

And based on these activities Wealthy Affiliate system will rank you every day. So here you need to know which activities are important for you. Usually, activities are important but if you’re new to this world, and just started learning, it’s obvious you have nothing much to help others or create trainings. And if you’re already a pro, then it’s obvious, you’re here to upgrade yourself for more improvement in your life and you’ve lots of things to do here. You can help newbie create informative blogs with tips, create trainings, and explore Wealthy Affiliate for more upgraded lessons.

But here I’ve figure out a few simple steps for all of you guys, whether you’re a pro or newbie. If you’re new in Wealthy Affiliate, I think these steps will help you to figure you out what actually you’re doing and gaining from here.

1.Start with “Get Started Here” Course 1. It’s FREE for all Members. This is actually Online Entrepreneur Certification (Level 1). During this level, you’ll get a proper guide to build your very own online business website, FREE Hosting and all of your necessary startup marketing tips. After this level, you can decide what you actually need to do. Believe me, you’ll get your way after this level. But after finishing this level you’re confused, I’ll suggest you to consult with others in this community. They will happily help you to find your way. My personal suggestion is when you’re here with a FREE membership and totally new in this online business world and doing your level 1, you’ll get two FREE Domain and unlimited hosting. Go with it for first few months. When you’ll get everything in your mind easily and got your own way to walk, get your first paid domain with Wealthy Affiliate or anywhere else, GoDaddy, namecheap etc.

2.After level 1 if you think yes, you can make it and Wealthy Affiliate is really a place to help you out for your all needs, upgrade to Premium, get a paid domain, and transfer your FREE website to paid one. And complete all levels and lessons of Online Entrepreneur Certification.

3.Whenever you feel doubts and confused please feel free to ask your question. I think asking your question in the chat area or comment is not a good practice. Better way to ask a question is, click on the ‘Pen’ icon from the top right side of your Wealthy Affiliate website and Click on “Ask a Question” option. You’ll get a popup window, type your Question in short in the first box then detail in the second box and select the classroom where that question actually belongs to then submit. By this way, your question will get lots expert attentions at a time and you will get your best solution. But yes, you can ask short and simple questions in anywhere you want. You can use chat area, comments, private message, anything.

4.Okay after completing all five levels of Online Entrepreneur Certification, it’s time to roll. Go ahead for WA Affiliate Bootcamp. This Bootcamp will give you all the materials to boost your online business. There have 7 PHASES. When you will finish all these 7 phases, you’ll automatically get your own way and become a pro with WA.

From the very first day in Wealthy Affiliate, one thing you should do and that is blogging. First, start with how you get to know about WA and your daily achievements. When you will create a blog in WA it’ll help you to improve your creator rank and when you will follow from the step 1 to 4, that will help you to improve your activities rank and you will become a good ranked online business pro with lots of latest knowledge. Actually, this should be your first goal to build you foundation with a proper knowledge base.

5.Now it’s time to help others. Share your knowledge with newbie members in your blog and chat area. Start answering of other’s questions if you can. Response to a question if you know the answer. By this way, you can improve your helper rank and reduce your member rank.

6.Now it’s time to figure out what you love to do in here. If you like to help others by answering their questions keep it up or if you like to create blogs just do that on regular basis, daily or weekly.

7.Last but not the least, if you think now you’re ready to help more people, just start creating trainings. Training creation will help to build up your strong network and you might become an ambassador. Becoming an ambassador is such a nice honor but remember, as an ambassador you’re not gonna get paid some extra lazy money from Wealthy Affiliate.

So, whatever you’re, new or a pro, just try to follow these steps properly in here and you will get your very own established real online business that can earn your real life income and you will get knowledge and honor. And your life will be changed that you can lead a financially strong lifestyle.

Thank you for reading this blog and I hope you’ve enjoyed this. Please feel free to ask me if you need any hand. Enjoy your life and be happy always. Good Luck!

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