Is it Possible to Make Money Online for FREE!?

Last Update: April 14, 2016

Hello Friends and Followers, I hope all of you are doing good with your lessons and businesses. It's really a busy week for me but there was one thing always in my mind that how can I help a newbie!? In this week in WA chat area, I found many of you are asking "How can I make money for FREE?" or "Can I make money before going for Premium membership?" My answers were "yes you can" or "start with FREE a membership, get SiteRubix FREE website, get Amazon Associate Membership as an affiliate and create your content, promote your website on Social media, get visitors on your website and try to sell your affiliate products."

But guys, to be honest, it's not an easy job. In one of my previous blog, I've told you that take it as a serious kind of financial commitment and just like a normal physical business (You can check that blog here:

Let me ask you one simple question. Can you guys get anything Best for FREE?! No, you can't... Then why are you guys expecting a nice career without investing anything?! Isn't it a kind of weird expectation!? I think so! Starting a blog or website a career in today's time. Yes, it's just like any other regular jobs. And it's just not a job, it's your very own business to establish your financial career.

So, if you're really interested to start your very own career with affiliate marketing or blog or website, just like other regular jobs you need to invest your time, intellectuality and just like a regular business you need to invest your money to make your very own base of production or supply.

You may ask me, then why I need to get a premium membership with WA? The answer is simple, WA is just not a website, it's a system to help you to build your own knowledge base and most importantly, it's one of the largest online marketers and business owners community in the world. WA will help to create your very own production or supply base for your online business. And you can get various supports if you're looking for, in this community. Technical support for your website, Strategical support for your marketing and many more. That's why you need to become a premium member with Wealthy Affiliate.

So Friends, become a Premium today enjoy this community of success. Don't expect anything best for FREE! Good Luck!

Please feel free to knock me, if you have any question or suggestion. I would love to hear from you guys. Thanks

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rabs Premium
Thanks for the lesson, we need to invest to make to build a trustworthy brand online
JudeP Premium
Every business needs investment, whether it is online or traditional 'bricks and mortar'. Online businesses need far less investment which is why I would always recommend WA. You get far more for your money than going after 'shiny objects' and so would view the minimal cost as being well worth it :)
asmsayem Premium
Thanks for your contribution Jude.