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March 27, 2020
Lokaha Samstaha Sukhino Bhavantu“May all beings everywhere be free and happy.” And may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.”World is passing through tough times and I wish all of you a safe and happy life. In case, you are in Corona affected area (I think every one is), you must follow the directives issued by your Government. India is under lock-down for 21 days and we have been directed to stay a
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If we join Wealthy Affiliate, how much money can we make? This question is thrown at me many times by my friends who just come to know that I am a premium member of wealthy Affiliate and making money online as an affiliate marketer. I Know a lot of newbies Joining here would also be looking forward to have an answer.Question is quite simple and genuine but there cannot be a straight forward answer as the outcome is dependent on the number of factors. The problem is not with the question but exp
I have almost completed three years here at Wealthy Affiliate and it has been possible mainly due to Black Friday Deals. I joined Wealthy Affiliate on 8th March 2017 for the first time as a premium member paying the first month Fee.Free membership is not available in India.I commenced my training here and started building a free website. I just wanted to explore for a few days before finally deciding if I wanted to promote Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Program or other Affiliate Program.There wer
Ever since the beginning Mankind have been able achieve what they wanted. If few year back we were talking to a person many kilometers away with a small instrument in our hand, people would treat it as a miracle. Nowadays every one is performing this miracle. This miracle has resulted from only wishful thinking.If we look around our lives we will find that we have achieved at least 80% of the things we had thought of getting sooner or later.Why we achieved because at some moment we thought of g
December 25, 2018
I wish all my friends Merry Christmas.During this festive season, let us enjoy the simple things in life, so keeping this post very short and simple.RegardsArun Sabharwal
No Challanges , No Success. Know Challanges, Know SuccessDecember 10, 1914 there was a massive explosion in New Jeeresy, Newyork. 10 building owned by the greates inventor Thomas Edison were engulfed by fire. Fire department failed to control fire. Thomas Edison stood silently and calm as ever. His son was standing vesides him. Thomas askesd his son to call her mother and her friends else they will miss the chance to see the spectular fire like this.Shocked Son asked his father, Havn't we lost
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March 04, 2018
So Deadline is over. I won't wait for Kyle's next mail to declare that. Time given was one month it was over yesterday.Did I achieve the target?No, I could not complete the targets set by Kyle and won't take any excuse. I am an experienced project manage and I could have taken it as another project. But the problem is , for last few years I have been involved in crisis management Phase of the project so have become habitual of handling crisis only.I let the things slip away and few days tried t
March 02, 2018
We are celebrating Holi Today here in India. Holi is a festival of colors. Like any other festival it represent the triumph of Good over Evil. But apart from that, Holi is festival of friendship. People would put color on each other and forgetting the past difference , if any would hug.In the midst of celebrations , I just decided to log in and wish all my friends here a happy Holi.RegardsArun
This was second long weekend here out of 16 in this calendar year. Long weekend are always welcomed and planned in advance but when they are two in a row that too just after a new year , they never got the attention they deserved.This week has been amazing and full of Joy. Getting selected as super affiliate acted as a catalyst and helped forming a different bond within the wealthy affiliate family. I once again like to congratulate all who have joined and wish all of us would be able to cross
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January 08, 2018
I have completed my certification Level 2 and have earned the badge. Along the way I have built my website which is now ranked in google. I am confident that very soon I will start earning also. I always have faith in my abilities and in the fact that we are creator of our own destiny. The mantra to success is Positive thinking , Right attitude and Eye on destination and not on the path.