Almost Three Years Competed at Wealthy Affiliate, Thanks Black Friday

Last Update: November 21, 2019

I have almost completed three years here at Wealthy Affiliate and it has been possible mainly due to Black Friday Deals.
I joined Wealthy Affiliate on 8th March 2017 for the first time as a premium member paying the first month Fee.

Free membership is not available in India.

I commenced my training here and started building a free website. I just wanted to explore for a few days before finally deciding if I wanted to promote Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Program or other Affiliate Program.

There were some offline commitments too and before could do much first month was over. I did not pay my next month membership Fee and decided to bid goodbye.

I could go through only a few chapters during that one month. Though I liked the training I knew all those things. I knew word press site building, Installing plugins, changing the theme etc. Moreover, I felt that all this information is available online for free.

To some extent, I knew the basics of Affiliate marketing, eCommerce and Dropshipping even before I joined Wealthy Affiliate. I do not want to go into all the details but somehow decided to discontinue WA.

I Once again started searching for some new opportunity. It's an old habit. Even I used to switch over my jobs very frequently.

This time I wanted be act differently but the old habit never dies soon.

I started searching for new programs. I found some other very good legitimate opportunities.but wealthy affiliate stood above all.

I spend/wasted almost 8 months and could not make up my mind .

Then came November and I Received

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal

I jumped on the Opportunity. I knew If I miss it now I will not be able to make any decision for at least a year.

They say consistency in anything gives the best results but I often used to fall into the trap of finding something more valuable and doing it in a much better way rather than doing it anyways.

I booked the domain and started building website. I was following the training but without any result. I was offered Super Affiliate training by Kyle and Joined.

Though I had other commitments and not fully involved here since I was spending time on my site, I was expecting at least some results.

There was no sale for almost the whole year but I never doubt the WA training and system.

I knew if it is not working for me there have to be some reasons.

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday 18 was approaching and I was in double mind. No Money was not a problem but I wanted results.

And Suddenly in October'18 , I made my first sale and that too in the form of annual membership.

And now It is Wealthy Affiliate Balck Friday'19

and I am here to stay, waiting to renew my membership

Between November' 18 and November'19, I have learnt a lot and have applied it to see different results.

I am still involved with some offline consultancy activities and as long as I am being paid off well, I am not going to Leave them.

I am more than satisfied with my progress here and getting the anticipated results.



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Good help me also
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Congratulations on time well spent.
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Thanks Jerry
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Very motivational, Arun!

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Thanks Jeff