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Just looking for some community support here...I have 14 posts on my site now that has been active for 3 weeks, I am at 100% in site health for everything except Google Indexing and site trust....I have set up the Google Seach Console and Google Analytics...and still no indexing. So I'm wondering if this can be a normal thing? Do I just keep posting content until they index it? Any other suggestions? Thanks all!
April 21, 2021
So... after a two year hiatus from when I started working on affiliate marketing sites, I'm back! Started a new niche. Kicking the rust off with the trainings again...and now I'm ready to hit it hard and not quit. I was hit with some health issues back when I stopped, but by the grace of my Lord and Savior Jesus, I am healed and moving on up to a prosperous and wealthy place! He is so good! Glad to be back with you all!
December 18, 2018
Just a little blurb about completing level 3 of big deal :)
December 07, 2018
Just a quick celebration note that some of my content can now be found on page 1 of Bing and Yahoo search engines! Failure literally CAN NOT happen if you keep moving forward and doing the activities that all the training encourages and offers! Now on to getting on page 1 of Google searches!!!!
Not a long post here, just wanted to share I just finished level 2 of training! Now on to Level 3 to learn how to make $$$$! This community and platform is AMAZING!Cheers all!
November 17, 2018
Hey WA! Just wanted to share some exciting news! I just got indexed with Google tonight for the first time! Took me 5 posts in 7 days and a few site comments, BUT it finally happened. I was wondering when it might happen when others were saying it only toom them a couple days, but I knew it would happen. That's the attitude I think we all need (and I know I've needed). Keep moving forward bit by bit and good things happen!Cheers all!
Day 2! I'm learning sooooo much and am sooooooo excited to keep learning. Don't worry, I'm not going to post every day on my progress, but rather hope to keep it to BIG moving from level 1 to level 2 in training! And making $$$! Although, you can never be discouraged about small beginnings...and small steps forward, because, hey, you're moving forward and that's the name of the game! I can't wait to post about bigger successes along with the small ones as well! Until then...keep
November 11, 2018 only took about two days, but I did it! I took the mini plunge ($19 dollars worth:) and became a Premium Member. I knew from the start that I would probably jump in and commit to premiumship, but I wanted to "check things out" first. So after completing some of the trainings and seeing what premium offers, it was a no brainer and I couldn't dig my credit card out of my wallet quick enough! I am super pumped to get going! I am committed to working at this with tenacious persistence and