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Hi my lovely WA community,It was such a pleasure to connect with you guys again yesterday, and you have helped me a ton with your advice and encouragement.I feel that yesterday´s post was somewhat a bit of a moan, my apologies for that.It has led me, though, to reflect on what I actually set out to achieve when I first started a year ago at WA and where I want to go from here.I Have Two Main Goals Here At WA1) Learn how to make money online2) Make money onlineSo, if I look at these 2 init
Hi All,Just a quick update from my side - I have just earned my "dedication badge" for being with WA for one year! I cannot believe how quickly time has flown by.How Has My Year Been?I have built a website for my niche in the last year.After being very active for the first six months, my enthusiasm dwindled after the initial training had stopped, and I have completely stopped posting on my website in the last 3 months.I just haven´t been able to start again.There is absolutely no financia
Hello my dear WA Friends,my eighth month at Wealthy Affiliate has come and gone, and I have nearly missed out on writing my monthly report this month, but here it is:Month Eight Of Building My Blogging EmpireThe title of this post is somewhat meant provocatively. Unfortunately, I am having to apply A LOT of self-talk and motivation these days, as I feel I am going nowhere at the moment. So I TRUST that I one day will have my own little blogging empire in the form of a full-time blogging income
Hello my dear WA friends,I am so happy to say that after 230 days, I have finally graduated and have earned my Online Business Entrepreneur Certification here at Wealthy Affiliate!Time for a well-deserved pat on the back and some reflection & goalsWas it hard? Yes, sometimesBut it was above all interesting, exciting, exhilarating, fun, awesome, entertaining and uplifitng.What have I learned?A ton! I have gone from complete online business novice to somewhat knowledgeable. My website now has
Hi, I have a question about the rules of one of my affiliate programs, posting this as a post as I cannot share a screenshot in "questions".I am confused and think I have done some things really wrong, but I want to make sure my understanding is correct.Can you help me in understanding the below rules of one of the affiliate programs I am working with (this is via Rakuten Advertising): In my understanding, this means:I am not allowed to use the brand name in any keyword, post title, or URL at a
Hey Guys,Here is just a quick note to update you about the possibility of requesting indexing directly in Google Search Console.GREAT NEWS: This feature seems to be back now!Here is how it is done:In Google Search Console, click on "URL inspection" in the left-hand menu bar.Click on "URL Inspection"Enter the URL you want to submit for indexing in the top search barClick on "request indexing".This should help you submit your posts for indexing directly in Google Search Console and speed up the
I decided to learn to earn with Wealthy Affiliate seven months ago and signed up for this site.I started this endeavor with lots of hopes and dreams and goals.My most important goal is:"To build a business that gives me enough income to allow a location-independent lifestyle and travel the world with my family."I have been in this game for seven months now and want to give you some insight into my progress so far and my goals for the coming month.Am I traveling the world yet? Not quite, but I a
Just a quick note to share some info today about How To Rank in Bing Search Engine within days of publishing a new post.I am happy to report that the last three articles I published have all been indexed and ranked on page 1 of Bing (two of them also in Yahoo):How did I Manage This?1. I chose low-competition keywords with the following QSRsKeyword 1: 7, Keyword 2: 0, Keyword 3: 2, Keyword 4: 82. I wrote a post according to the OEC training3. Optimized the post with the All-in-one SEO feature on
Hello, my dear Wealthy Affiliate friends,Just as the year 2020 is coming to an end, I am happy to share another personal milestone in my Wealthy Affiliate story with you today: Today marks the day the 500th person has joined my Wealthy Affiliate network.On the occasion of this milestone, I want to express my appreciation and gratitude for every single one of you.A bigger Wealthy Affiliate Network means that more people will read my questions and posts and that I will be more exposed to other pe
Dear WAmily,The excitement is rising massively around here with the holidays approaching.My 10-year old wants it to be "the best Christmas ever", there he is in front of our tree anxiously looking forward to the next few days.Yet, it will also be the weirdest Christmas ever with lockdowns and regulations in place with rules about how many people we can see at a time, rules around distance, masks, etc. Who would have thought that 365 days ago? Corona wasn´t even a thing last Christmas (wel