Here is My First Ever Trainings to my WA Family

Last Update: March 11, 2018

Before jumping into this tutorial let me ask you few questions.

In a day how many times you play with Google search ? Are you really satisfied with the results you getting from it ?

OK, these were all random questions.

Being a full-time blogger, dropshipper I spend lots of time searching with Google for my Business/Blogging/SEO/Online marketing related queries.

There are quite a good number of other Search Operators which you can use to get desirable results.

Before, you start knocking the door of Google Search next time, try those tricks which I explained in my tutorial to help you improve total Google search experience.

Benefits you going to get after this tutorial

  • A simple and well-explained guide on how these secret Google search footprints gonna help many newbie bloggers for SEO & other online.
  • An detailed introduction about Google Search Operators.
  • List of various Google Operators with image examples
  • Make Google search results more friendly meaning that you won’t have to spend hours looking for outreach prospects, potential leads, etc.
  • Easily find your competitors, guest blogging & link building opportunities from Google search

Am dividing this training into PART 1 & PART 2 since its quite long one. In PART1 I decided to comeup with the basics which you should understand first and in PART 2 is all set with advanced steps on how to leverage the Google easily.

Here is the link to the PART1 tutorial:

Here is the link to the PART 2 tutorial:

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Nadja3 Premium
Excellent. Good beginning. Appreciated.
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Thank you.