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Crickey! I just realised I have over 1.1k followers! I never would have thought I would have over 1000 followers!I would like to take this opportunity to thank every one of my followers. I have now been with WA for 6 months and have gone through a lot. On many occasions I have encountered difficulties. As a newbie to affiliate marketing this is no surprise. No matter what difficulties I have faced, I have not had to wait long for aid. This is all thanks to this wonderful community.As a result
July 08, 2016
WA is all about action......
Woohooo! It's finally happened! I have done it! I AM ON PAGE 3!!! Well......not me...and not THAT page 3. I mean some of my pages/posts are on Google page 3. Last week I was nowhere. Suddenly multiple pages on page 3. Cor blimey. That has made my day. Next step is to get to page 1. And then the final step to earn some money.My site trust is only on 30% (3 months only so far) and currently I am on page 3. It feels really good to know something is working.Now, what else do I do to get to numero u
No! Its not me. But that is the type of comments I am now coming across.There are members who have been with us for some time and have now decided to quit. And there are quite a few members. I have been told that it is the ones who do not persevere and are not patient enough who quit early. I can see that now. I decided to investigate these members further. These members have not been with us for no more than 6 months! Some have not built a website yet!One piece of advice.....I have been here f
I know site trust is important. But what do you do to improve site trust? I know the higher the trust the higher you are on google which is good for you. I want to get my pages on the top 3 pages.Yeah yeah! I know I have to build a quality site with plenty of interactions. And by hook or by crook I will. However, my site trust is stuck at 10% while nearly everything else is near 100%.Now, I heard form a number of people on WA that the site trust will improve by 10% on a monthly basis. Really? I
I have been on WA for nearly 2 months. I know. It is short.I am now at a stage where I am looking to fully complete my website so that I can apply to become an affiliate. Whilst working on my website I have researched some affiliate companies I am looking to join and the commission they give are peanuts. I mean 5% for instance. Unless you are going to promote products of high value you will need huge traffic and multiple purchases to gain enough income to make a living. Surely? I have no doubt
March 12, 2016
HOW ARE THINGS SO FAR?I have now been with WA for approximately 5 weeks and have currently just completed course 2. I should be in a more advanced position but unfortunately other commitment have slowed me down somewhat!How do i feel about WA? I am still quite optimistic. I have come across some positives and some negatives so far.MY INTENTION UPON JOINING- Making at least £2000 per month. Thats the beginning. I still believe I can do.- Being my own boss- Having my own ONLINE business tha
February 25, 2016
You know, I have been with WA for about 3 weeks now (1 week absent) and I have now watched this Editor video.I must say prior to this video I was OK at using the Editor. The editor itself seems very nifty. There are quite a fair bit of functions that can be done on it, and I'm quite excited at the prospect of being able to make a funky looking website but of the quality in terms of the look and content to generate substantial traffic in order to gain some profit from my little website making ve