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This is really not important blog to read, but I just wanna share my feeling when I had my first comment on my game article. I don't know had comment from other people will makes me this happy and really cheer me up to create another post. It feels like what I'm doing after long time, work day and night just to create a good content is worth and pays off. I'm feeling so satisfied and not regret for what I did. Well, I think that's all the story, sorry if you have to read this. Have another grea
A few days ago I have a problem with my Gravatar profile. When I create my Gravatar account, I write my profile with bad description and wrong grammar. Then when I post my first article, the Gravatar show up at the bottom of my post as author profile. It's so shame if I let people look my profile like that. So I open Gravatar website and update my profile description, but the profile won't change and keep the old description. I search the answer in many forum and try anything they said, but it
December 27, 2016
As a newbie for me its so hard to learn and avoid a scammer to join online business, but not until one month i landed here i feel had one step closer to achieve my dream. Im just a noob but now i already had a site that ready for my online busines. So yeah i think im ready for next course and expand my online business. Go go go go!!
December 20, 2016
Hello every one, i just upgrade my membership. What should i do now? I wanna have earning as fast as i can