It's High Time for My First Blog

Last Update: Jan 10, 2014


After four months of walking on WA I have a slight feeling that this story is not at all easy. Wow the time passes so quickly?

This is why I am afraid and in the same time I look forward to. I'm afraid because I don't know exactly where I can steal all this needed time and energy. Even without that, I was overwhelmed. But I look forward because I believe that work is the only way to success. What I wish to tell you in my first blog? I feel that with each new step and each new experience here, I'm moving in the direction of creating something to call my own. That's what pushes me forward. I believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel...hopefully it’s not a freight train, like Mariah Carry said someday. :)

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I know the feeling...hang in there and success will follow. I don't think there are any freight trains here at WA. Best of luck.

Just take it slow and easy...... one step at a time, my friend. I have been derailed and side tracked, but I refuse to give up. I just keep puttering along. You can too.

It's never too late to act. So good luck and I hope you don't find time - I hope you MAKE time to go forward here!

Keep moving forward and you'll get there.

Hi Joze . It won't be a freight training. The more you do, the clearer it becomes. Good luck.

Having a website that is your own is something to be proud of. As you continue to build it out and spend time and "sweat equity" on it truly does become a "labour of love". All the best to you.

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