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Last Update: October 25, 2015

If you found a place that assisted you in your journey to success and prosperity, what would you expect and/or what would you like to see? Imagine a place for the prosperity minded to sew seeds of wealth and success.

Would you enjoy tips and tricks that accelerate your rate of accomplishing this prosperity? Which is essentially what we are seeking here at WA.

I enjoy learning about this growing world of affiliate marketing and i would like to hear what you think.

In a sense the existing blogs that are already thriving in the money making niche are places that are such as described. These blogs and websites are places that offer education venues such as mentor ship programs, online courses and e-books that would lead to eventually succeeding in business and making money. They offer tools such as marketing software, money making software and website creation software that is much needed creating automated and unlimited income. So in addition to what already exists what else could you use?

Could benefit from a detailed plan of using these products accompanied by a foundation of philosophy in which to guide your hand while using these products. By philosophy i mean literature on how to become a more creative individual or how activate your inner genius.

Just my thoughts this evening while I enjoy this learning process here at WA. Apologies if my thoughts seem "a bit scattered" but maybe you can help with structuring that. Any thought, reflection or feedback is welcomed. Thank you and hope to hear from you- Adrian

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AlexEvans Premium
Hi Adrian
true there are a lot of products and philosophies on and around the internet . The key is to focus and take action . That is why the WA platform is so good . It not only has training on the how to , it also provides resources to implement that knowledge .
WillWise Premium
Pretty interesting thoughts. I think many of us have those thoughts. I know I have ventured down many avenues for knowledge & products. Problem is many have great products & teachings but aren't good at structure & help. Here we have a community ready & willing to help. Which is great! Cause this way we all grow & succeed.
APrimeaux Premium
Thanks for the observation Will..Noted and taking your thoughts into consideration. That is something that every product and website service can use, a support structure. Thanks bud