I Can Taste The Flavour Of Success!

Last Update: November 25, 2015

Following on from my last blog my journey so far, I recently checked for my Psoriasis site on google and love and behold after a week or so of creating the site I'm on page 9!

Take a look

I know its only page 9 but hey it's a great start, I'm so pleased with my efforts and its really given me a boost. So anyone out there thinking this doesnt work it does. Keep going with it and follow the training, It'll happen.

Take care all.

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AOsmand Premium
Ok so my site seems to be on a roller coaster of a ride over at google. Page 8,9,8,7,9,10,8 etc its going up and down more than tower bridge!

I think as of writing this down to pg 11. Please tell me this is normal, i still have a lot of content to add so hopefully that will help some.
AOsmand Premium
Cheers buddy Im on a roll
FarshidR Premium
Congrats! Keep moving forward.