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July 04, 2019
Happy Independence Day!To all my American friends I want to wish you a Happy 4th of July, or Independence day, which being british myself now has more meaning to me than ever before.With everything going on over here with Brexit and the poor governing of our country It really hits home. Unfortunately europe believes that the UK is being selfish and wants us to pay billions to leave, which to me just sounds like a baby throwing their dummy out of the pram. It's certainly been dragged out over
Ok so for one of my main Keywords I am moving up through the ranks in google! What a great feeling that is, Especially after the Post thats ranking was only published yesterday! I must be doing something right.The only thing is that my site doesn't have a green tick next to it but I guess thats due to google trust factor? If anyone can shed some light on it I would appreciate it.Anyway, I just wanted to share this milestone achievement (for me anyway) with you to show those of you that are stru
Following on from my last blog my journey so far, I recently checked for my Psoriasis site on google and love and behold after a week or so of creating the site I'm on page 9!Take a lookI know its only page 9 but hey it's a great start, I'm so pleased with my efforts and its really given me a boost. So anyone out there thinking this doesnt work it does. Keep going with it and follow the training, It'll happen.Take care all.
So what have I been up to? Well my WA Site is coming on and my wa review is ranking. WooHoo!! Ok so its on page 19 but at least its somewhere, nothing more work won't cure. Plus I have created a new site in a completely different niche which is also filling out quite nicely. I wasn't sure if this would be a good niche to go for but as it happens theres plenty of searches so content isn't going to be a problem.check it out here if you like, would be nice to get some feedbackhttp://howtotreatp
November 08, 2015
Hey everyone,I decided to create this blog as a community Log for anyone that wants to share any thoughts they have on anything marketing, or to share their progress. Feel free to use it for anything you want to rant about.So to get things started here is where I'm up to...Bought a domain nameset up my sitestarted adding pages and content.view it here and any suggestions or comments would be appreciated:http://www.waystocreatefinancialfreedom.comIm also still working my way through the trainin